Sheila Koester
Woodbridge, VA

Site Topic

Mobile Phone Information and Research

Copy Sample

While working as a substitute teacher, I noticed that almost every student carried and used a mobile phone device in school. This was the inspiration for my idea to write about mobile phones and other technology used by today’s students. Although the main focus is on the use of mobile phones in education, I have added other topics about mobile phones to Mobile Phones Research. I have written 101 pages for the site. I give an overview and history of mobile phone technology and suggestions for incorporating the use of mobile phones for various holiday celebrations, events and special occasions such as Christmas. Some education and technology topics include teacher lesson plans, educational resources, educational websites for kids, educational games for kids, mobile online education and online education. One section is devoted to teens and why they are addicted to mobile phone technology. Another section focuses on educational apps, augmented and virtual reality educational technology.

Program Thoughts

Nick Usborne’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website is one of my favorite AWAI programs. I enjoyed this program because I was able to choose my own writing topic. I always have something to write about because of my continuing interest in mobile phone technology, other technologies used in education and how these topics change the educational landscape. I have fun writing for my MMW in my spare time. It gives me the opportunity to practice many of the skills taught in other AWAI programs. For example, I was able to practice what I learned about writing for home pages, information pages, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, product sales pages, landing pages and conversational copywriting. I was exposed to the idea of using social media to increase the amount of traffic coming to my website. I created a separate Facebook page for my Mobile Phones Research website to post about my website, submitted Twitter posts and used Pinterest to post photographs I included with each information.

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