In Less Than a Year You Could Have a New
Career Working From Home …
Enjoying Freedom and Income
You Only Imagined Possible

How would you like a lifestyle that allows you to pick your own hours, live anywhere in the world, and take as many vacations as you care to?

One that lets you work from your home – from anywhere in the world, for that matter – doing work that is interesting and prestigious … work that you can be proud of?

Every year thousands of companies set aside millions of dollars to pay writers to write simple sales letters and budget hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay designers for the layout of those letters. Yet there is a HUGE and growing need for copywriters and graphic designers.

At the same time, publishers and entrepreneurs are making billions of dollars selling information, products, and services on the web.

And here’s the good news for you:

To be successful in any one of these industries, you don’t need to be exceptionally talented or invest a lot of money or be well-connected. All it takes is an understanding of a few key secrets. And now you have the opportunity to study these secrets at absolutely no risk to you.

AWAI’s Wealth Careers
Enjoy a Six-Figure Income for Life!

If you enjoy the thought of having a six-figure income, while perhaps also living a “retired lifestyle,” these programs are for you. Simply combine them with a willingness to learn the skill and the desire to succeed, and you’ll be well on your way to a lucrative and in-demand career.

Can You Write a Simple Letter?

If yes, you could be in big demand, earning big money, writing just a few hours a day from anywhere in the world you choose to be. Imagine a career that is fulfilling … where you’re constantly advancing … your income potential is not limited … results are seen fast … and you’re in control of who you work with and when. As a copywriter you can.

Make $100,000 a Year Or More As a Graphic Designer …
Best of All, You Don’t Even Have to Be Able to Draw a Straight Line!

What used to be a very complicated profession is now something you can learn and do on a standard computer – even if you have little or no “artistic” ability at all. Because this little-known, yet highest-paid, segment of the graphic design industry happens to be the easiest. All you have to do is point and click with your mouse. Become a graphic designer.

Find Fulfillment, Fun, and Freedom As a Six-Figure Information Publisher

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND make a six-figure income. This could be your direct ticket to the kind of fulfillment you’ve always wanted in life. Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work at all, learn more about golf or feeding the hungry … it can be yours if you’re willing to learn how to become an information publisher.

Start Enjoying the Financial Freedom of a Web Marketing Specialist

Whether you’re a professional copywriter, an entrepreneur, a webmaster or someone looking for an opportunity to make money on the web – AWAI has a program that can help you add thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Best of all, no experience or high-tech-degree is required. Learn about AWAI’s money-making web marketing opportunities.

Freedom to Live Where You Want … Work When You Want … and Make as Much Money as You Want

AWAI’S 100%

AWAI offers programs that reveal the proven secrets of powerful copywriting, effective graphic design, lucrative information publishing, and successful web marketing. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our commitment to your goal – or you decide that any program is simply not for you, for any reason – just return the materials to us within 30 days of receipt, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. No questions asked!

While others get up at 7 in the morning, put on their snow boots and listen to static-filled traffic reports … your day begins when you feel like it. That’s because now you can make your own hours every single day.

And not only can you work WHEN you want, you can live WHERE you want now, too. Miami Beach? New York City? Rural Montana? It’s up to you!

This is not fiction. Ordinary people right now are working when they want and living where they want – and are making GOOD money … for some, for the first times in their lives. They didn’t have the skills AWAI offers. They had no prior experience. They had jobs they disliked. And they weren’t sure that they could make it.

But they did … and so can you! Just ask Don Mahoney, AWAI board member and co-founder. In 1992, Don was a woodworker making just $12,000 a year and suffering from the fumes and chemicals he was inhaling all day. After he learned the secrets of persuasive writing, Don’s life turned around.

In the past five years, Don’s letters have made over $300 million in sales, and he earns between $200,000 and $300,000 a year from his writing. But that’s not all. A few years ago, things got rough for Don. A bitter divorce was really taking its toll, and he needed time to heal. So, he decided to just work one week a month. He still made $105,453.83 that year!

Another guy you should talk to is Paul Hollingshead, also an AWAI board member and co-founder. In 1994, Paul was making $6.50 an hour stocking shelves in a grocery store.

Three months later, after learning just a few simple techniques for writing simple sales letters, he wrote a letter that generated $1 million in sales.

Now, Paul makes over $400,000 a year.

Learn From Top Experts in Your Chosen Field

Using the same proven teaching methods that worked miracles for Don and Paul, AWAI developed programs for writing, graphic design, information publishing, successful web marketing, and many other skills.

These programs are not like any other. They are easy to follow and easy to learn. And they convey everything you need – proven techniques and strategies – to launch successful new careers. Careers that are life-changing … where you’re calling the shots … where you’re living and working on your own terms.

Meet the Experts on AWAI’s Prestigious Advisory Board

The Choice Is Yours –
Which Wealth Career Will It Be?

In 1994, Paul Hollingshead tossed out his old life. He went from making $6.50 an hour to making over $400,000 a year working part-time from anywhere he wants – AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting can help you do the same.

For years Gary Scott feared deep down inside that what he truly wanted – freedom, financial security, work that he loved, fun, prestige, and the ability to work anywhere he wanted – was impossible. Yet he and his wife, Merri, became multi-millionaires within 10 years of starting their own information publishing business.

Today, they have more cars than they can drive, and five homes and numerous cabins in North Carolina, Ecuador, and Florida. They have no mortgage, not a penny of debt, and plenty of money in the bank.

But more important than the money, they enjoy the bliss of each and every day, doing what they love and hoping they can do it forever. Information Publishing: Your Complete Business Plan for Creating a Life Without Borders can help you do the same.

Sean Martin started out using Macintosh design software creating designs for screen-printed t-shirts. Creative? Yes. But not an easy way to get rich. Then he discovered he could make a lot more money doing desktop design for direct marketers.

Today, Sean handles 5 to 15 jobs at any one time. And with an hourly rate of $75 an hour, he’s earning an income even a lawyer, doctor or airline pilot might enjoy. (In his spare time, he plays in a steel drum band.) Graphic Design Success will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful freelance graphic designer.

A writer named C.B. wrote a web promotion for a financial product that brought in $497,700 in 10 days’ time. With a customary 2% royalty on sales, C.B. made almost $10,000 in 10 days. And that doesn’t include his initial fee for writing the promo! At a typical rate of $2,000-$5,000, C.B. netted at least $1,200 a day for that period.

AWAI’s web marketing opportunities can help you become a web specialist in today’s hottest web markets, so that you can enjoy the six-figure income successful web entrepreneurs are making – and the lifestyle that goes along with it.

Remember, these are no-risk opportunities. Programs that will quickly teach you all the secrets you need to know to break into a highly lucrative new career. A career where you set your own schedule and you are your own boss. You’ll also get important resources, and best of all, the ongoing support of experts in your new field. Don’t wait another minute to take control of your life. Learn more …

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