When prospecting through emails, do you send out a long or short version first?

You don’t want to lose the prospect’s attention by sending a long-winded introductory email. Although you may have tons of great experience you would like to share with them, it’s important to keep the email short, sweet, and to the point … which ultimately is “what I can do for you.”

Ed Gandia is an email copy guru.  Look at this example email:

Hi Randy,

I’ve been reading about your company in the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the work you’ve been doing at Emory Hospital. And based on the work I’ve done with Acme Medical and XYZ International, I may be able to help you get X accomplished faster and cheaper.

Here’s a short article on how I’ve helped Acme Medical: [URL goes here]

Would it make sense for us to chat briefly sometime in the next couple of weeks?


[Your email signature]

Notice how he mentioned that he’s researched the company, included a blurb about his experience, inserted a link if they’d like to learn more, and requested a phone chat in so few sentences. This is a great example of how a short email can go a long way.