Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
The Wide Range of Freelance Writing Opportunities for YOU

Smiling man looking at his mobile phone and text overlay that says Explore the spectrum of writing projects you can accept to make a great living

Explore the spectrum of writing projects you can choose from to make a great living … from pre-suasive content projects to persuasive copywriting projects.

In this free Inside AWAI webinar, AWAI’s Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, and Pam Foster present a marketing crash course to give you a clear understanding of all the opportunities, and how they all work together to meet the goals of your clients. You’ll find out:

  • Why today’s marketers must use dozens of different tactics to get attention, grow sales, and keep their customers happy
  • Why they need skilled writers to ensure each one effectively does the job it needs to do
  • How one freelance project can lead to many, many others for a single client

Watch to see what this bounty of well-paid writing project means and how it all works!

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