Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
6 Ways to Make 6-Figures as a Writer

Gold icon of a person working on a laptop while sitting on top of a stack of hundred dollar bills with text overlay Make a 6-Figure Income from Writing

Who says you have to be the next JK Rowling to make great money as a writer …

In this FREE Inside AWAI session, 6 Ways to Make 6-Figures as a Writer, AWAI’s Katie Yeakle and Pam Foster, along with special guest Bob Bly, show you six different ways writers are making six-figure incomes (without writing a bestselling novel), how they’re doing it, and how you can too! They cover:

  • Each writing opportunity in detail
  • Writers who are making six-figures
  • What they did to reach their income goals
  • Tips and resources to help you make great money too
  • The answers to listeners' questions

Whether you’re looking to make a six-figure income, or you’d simply like to increase the money you make as a writer, be sure to join us for this exciting session.

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