Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Geoffrey Yumul

Geoffrey Yumul

Location: Rizal, Philippines
Professions: Copywriter, Researcher
Specialties: B-to-B, Fundraising, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Professional Background:

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter who speaks I.T., you’ve come to the right place.

I can explain I.T. even to a non-technical person.

I have proven corporate writing skills in a dynamic corporate environment.

With a total of 15 handful years in the BPO and IT industry, I am trained to think for you, analyze for you, and write for you.

If you need a freelance copywriter who can write white papers for you, and want someone with IT experience, then I am the guy you are looking for.

I can write the most 3 common types of white papers or special reports:

1. Build awareness of your company's solutions.
2. Establish yourself as an expert.
3. Share a common problem within a business then provide the solution you offer.

If you need someone to write any of these 3 common types, then I can be your white paper guy.

I’d be happy to get on a call with you so we can talk about your business needs.

Send me an email for scheduling at:

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