Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Melanie Olsen

Melanie Olsen

Location: Sioux City, IA
Professions: Copywriter
Specialties: B-to-B, Health, Web/Internet

Melanie Olsen has completed the following verification and training to the satisfaction of AWAI’s Board of Advisors, with expertise in:

AWAI Verified™

Melanie Olsen is AWAI Verified™. The AWAI Verified™ seal indicates that a copywriter has …

  • Studied AWAI’s world-class The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, which covers the fundamentals of persuasive direct-response copy.
  • Passed AWAI’s robust test and demonstrated an understanding of copywriting principles and best practices.

Professional Background:

With over 30 years of management experience in the healthcare industry, I am uniquely qualified to represent your voice to your chosen audience.
Whether you have a primary focus or juggle between patient expectations, alternative payment models, government regulations, physician practice governance, payor contracts, credentialing, controlling costs, optimizing revenue, satisfaction surveys, risk, compliance, or employee retention strategies – I speak your language.
As a Fellow of the American College of Medical Practice Executives and AWAI verified Copywriter, I have the skills and expertise to write conversational, yet compelling, content.
I have experience with Primary Care, Specialties, and Sub-Specialties including: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Urology, Pulmonology, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Nephrology, and Podiatry.

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