“I Finally Found a Way to Make a Living as a Writer!”

I’m averaging about $150 an hour and only work a few hours each morning, leaving me time to pursue my first love: Fiction.

From the desk of Beth Erickson …

Dear Reader,

All my life, I wanted to write a novel.

I can’t tell you how many times I fantasized about writing a best-selling book, living the “writer’s” life, and walking into a Barnes & Noble and seeing it on the shelf with my name on it. Heck, I even studied writing in college.

But no one – not in college or in high school – told me how tough it would be.

In college, I couldn’t find the time to write as much as I wanted to. Between classes and taking care of a partially potty-trained three-year-old, I had no time to pursue my dream to …

Have the Time and Money to Become a Published Writer

After college, my goal of becoming a full-time writer got pushed aside by everyday life. Even with my degree, I wound up working as a tailor. I’d work day and night, making $3.50 for every trouser hem I finished. Whenever I wanted to buy something, I’d look at the price and divide it by $3.50 … and then I’d think – “Holy cow! That’s gonna cost a lotta hems!”

Despite this, life was good. But I couldn’t satisfy that inner hunger to write … full-time.

Whenever I had a free moment, I’d do some freelance writing. The only problem – it wasn’t fulfilling. I was pouring so much into my writing and only making $25 per article.

This frustrated me to no end.

I was juggling the lives of a mom, wife, daughter, and tailor … all while writing every free moment I had. But to put in all that effort  … only to make $25 bucks? How would I ever live the “writer’s life” I dreamed about?

Needless to say, I just knew there had to be a better way. And I’m happy to tell you that …

I Found a Way – You Don’t Have To Give Up the Dream

Beth Erickson BookOne day, I got a letter in the mail. The question on the outside of the envelope really grabbed my attention. It said “Can You Write a Letter Like This One?”

Being a writer, I couldn’t resist the challenge. I carefully sliced the envelope open and read …

Within one week, I had found my answer. And within a few months, I had my first book published.

Within a year, I said “adios” to tailoring forever.

But it didn’t stop there. Now I’ve got five books under my belt (two novels, three non-fiction), and I’ve got two more slated for ‘08. I also launched my own publishing company, Filbert Publishing. It’s wonderful, because I get to work with aspiring writers every single day and help them achieve their own personal dreams.

And here’s the thing … anyone with an ounce of writing skill can live the writing lifestyle I’m talking about.

Here’s why …

From “Minimum” Wage to Making $150 an Hour

I’ve got a confession. I don’t make a fortune from my books. I get paid decently, but the real reward is seeing my name in print.

I do make a good living as a professional writer – in fact, a great one – but it’s not from writing books. No, it’s much easier than that. Let me explain …

Can You Write a Simple Letter Like This One?

It started with that letter I told you about.

The more of it I read, the more I wanted to believe what it said. Truth be told? I was skeptical.

But I kept reading. Then I started to think … “Well, even if only one-third of what this letter says is true, I’d be ecstatic.”

Now, up until that point, I’d never purchased anything by mail. But my desire to write full-time was so strong, I decided to risk it. So I placed the order that introduced me to …

A Very Lucrative Form of Writing

Today, I’m living my dream. I’m making great money as a full-time writer. And I’ve already had five of my books published. It’s everything I hoped it would be … and much more.

And it’s all because of this often misunderstood, yet lucrative, form of writing known as copywriting.

If you’ve ever received a fundraising letter in the mail, a letter selling a product or service, or even a letter from a political campaign asking for your support, then you’ve been exposed to copywriting. The important thing here is that there are (literally) hundreds, if not thousands, of companies, big and small, willing to pay large sums of money to anyone who can write those letters.

Now before I go any further, let me assure you that this isn’t about writing chain letters, writing spam, or some crazy envelope-stuffing scheme. I despise stuff like that. I’m sure you do too.

Instead, copywriters create promotional letters for real companies with real products and services. And the best part is, you can make great money (an average of $150 an hour) copywriting for only a few hours a day. Best of all, you get to be in control of your schedule, meaning you’ll have time to devote to your passion of writing.

I can still remember how excited I was after I placed my order. The following Friday afternoon when I found a big box from AWAI waiting for me in my mailbox, I ripped open the package. There it was: AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I set it on my tiny desk and stared at it. I made a cup of tea and stared at it some more.

Finally, I cracked open the text and started reading. Before long, I was devouring the information.

Being a writer myself, I’m pretty critical. But this program was well written. It was informative and entertaining at the same time.

The first section was all about the copywriting lifestyle and how it allows you to …

Live the “Writer’s” Life

"For the aspiring copywriter new to the arena of persuasive writing, AWAI's Six-Figure Copywriting Course is a great way to quickly develop your skills. And those skills can open the door to many lucrative copywriting opportunities, whether in direct response or the even larger universe of freelance commercial writing: helping companies from Fortune 100 on down to 10-person shops craft a whole variety of marketing materials for rates that can average $70-100 an hour and hit $150 or more."

Peter Bowerman, author
The Well-Fed Writer series (commercial freelancing how-to guides)

Simply put, copywriting provides you with an incredible lifestyle. One where you can live where you want … do what you want … when you want. I know copywriters who live in metropolitan areas and make a great living. I know copywriters who live in RVs and make fabulous money while traveling cross-country.

And me?

I live in the middle of nowhere … very rural … and copywriting works here too.

I love the lifestyle. While my son was growing up, I was home to greet him every day after school. And, more important, I’ve been able to play an active role in his life.

Maybe you want to live in a picture-postcard town, with good schools, beautiful mountains, and plenty of open spaces.

Or perhaps, like other copywriters I know, you like the hustle and bustle of cities like New York. Or maybe you want to live in a different country … Ireland, or even Italy. One copywriter I know, John Forde, took his copywriting skills to Paris.

Wherever you choose, it doesn’t matter … because, thanks to the Internet and email, you can do this kind of work from anywhere in the world. With no bosses or commutes to deal with.

Your time is yours to do what you please.

Now when I first read about the perks of the copywriting lifestyle, I thought, “Okay, if it’s so great, everyone is probably trying to be a copywriter. With so much competition, what are my chances of getting work?”

“If you’re serious about changing your life — becoming a writer and doing something meaningful and profitable — I can’t urge you enough to consider AWAI. There is no one else in America like them.”

Peter Beteul,
Professional Copywriter

To fully understand the answer, you’ve got to understand a couple of factors in play here …

  • First – many writers don’t consider writing promotional copy to be an “honorable” profession. I’ll be blunt. You won’t receive any literary acclaim. You won’t become famous. What you write is usually anonymous, using your client’s name as the “author.” If you’re looking for prestige, you won’t get it as a copywriter.
  • Second – many writers are simply unaware that this opportunity exists. Although copywriting is becoming better known in writing circles, it’s still a “sleeping giant” in the community.
  • Third – many people who are currently writing copy aren’t writers. They’re often people from other professions who are lured to the craft by the high pay. This means that as someone who has a firm grasp of good written communication skills, you’ll have a natural edge over these folks.

That said, copywriters are in huge demand. Fact is, there aren’t enough copywriters for the work that needs to be done. Here’s why …

A $2.1 Trillion Industry

The $2.1 trillion direct-response industry is starved for good copywriters because these companies sell primarily via mail-order and the Internet.

The only way they can reach their prospective buyers is through the written word. For every product they have, they need at least one sales letter to sell it. And with tens of thousands of products for sale, these companies are hungry for good, persuasive writers.

To give you a better perspective on the whole thing, let’s take a look at exactly what direct-response is …

Unlike most image or brand advertising that you see in magazines and newspapers, direct response is any kind of advertisement or sales letter that asks you to take an immediate and specific action – whether it’s to order a product or request more information about it.

Companies use direct response to sell everything from mattresses to financial newsletters … from health supplements to credit cards … from books to dating services. They do it by selling directly to those people most likely to buy from them … simply by sending letters to those who have shown an interest in buying similar products and services in the past. And a good direct-response promotion can bring in millions of dollars in sales – for a fraction of the cost of opening a storefront or selling wholesale to retailers.

But here’s the thing. A direct-response promotion will tank faster than the Titanic without the right words. It needs to convey the right message … use language in a very special way … be structured correctly … and make readers want the product enough to pull out their credit card.

That’s why good copywriters are in such high demand. That’s also why it’s such a lucrative form of writing …

How Much Money Can You Really Make?

“I was a freelance copywriter for years, but was never able to break down the door separating me from the kind of financial rewards I knew direct mail writing could bring. The problem? I didn’t know how to write. But AWAI’s copywriting program fixed that. It took me by the hand and showed me step-by-step secrets behind successful direct mail writing, now I have more work than I can handle …and I owe it all to AWAI’s program.”

Caroline Burton,
Professional Copywriter

Skilled copywriters make great incomes because the words they craft are directly tied to a company’s profits.

So how much can you really make?

It can vary. Anywhere from $75-$150 an hour is a typical starting fee. In some cases, even more. Let me explain …

Some full-time copywriters are paid a royalty in addition to the handsome fee they receive to write a promotional letter. It’s much like getting a book published by a reputable publisher. Your book sells, you earn a royalty. In this case, the more often your letters are printed and circulated (whether it’s via regular mail or the Internet), the more you get paid. And considering these sales letters typically go out every six weeks, royalties can really add up.

So if you’re ambitious enough to seek out clients who pay royalties in addition to your fee, you can really ratchet up your copywriting income. In fact, there’s no limit to how much you can make if you work hard at it full-time.

Here’s how the math works out …

On the low end, (working 2 hours a day, making $75 an hour), you’d be making $150 per day. At five days a week, that’s $750 a week or $3,000 per month. Once you have a little experience under your belt, you can easily make $150 an hour. And let’s say you decide to work 4 hours a day. Let’s see … that would be $600 per day! Per week, that’s $3,000 … and per month, it’s $12,000!

Consider how it would impact your lifestyle if you worked 20 hours a week and made $12,000 a month …

At First, I Was Skeptical … but Hundreds of People Can’t Be Wrong

Like I mentioned before, when I first read the letter that sold me on AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, I was a little skeptical. It all seemed too good to be true. I now know firsthand that it works. In fact, over the last few years, I’ve personally met hundreds of other AWAI-trained copywriters, from all walks of life, who work from home and earn a great income.

One of them is Krista Jones from Roswell, Georgia …

Krista walked away from an 18-year engineering career, where she was making a great yearly income. Even though the money was good, the job wasn’t fulfilling. So she decided to go through AWAI’s copywriting program. A few short months later, Krista had all the work she could handle … and was making more money than she did at her engineering job.

Here’s what Krista wrote to AWAI about her life now … “I feel like I’m finally leading the life I was meant to live. I can’t thank you enough!”

Cathy Cairns took the program shortly after high school. Then, using the self-marketing and self-promotion techniques in the program, she contacted potential clients. The result? She got a major client in the self-help niche – and she’s been writing for that client for over 5 years.

Today, Cathy earns a six-figure income. Here’s what she has to say …

“I am truly living out a dream since I took AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting … None of my success would’ve happened had I not taken this program and done the exercises faithfully.”

I could write a book containing hundreds of stories of ordinary people – many of whom weren’t writers – who took this program and went on to live the “writer’s” life.

So just imagine the edge you have by already knowing how to write well.

Everything You Need to Know

“I’m pretty picky about what resources I recommend to my readers. I won’t endorse anything that promises you can ‘get rich quick’ or that professes to know the ‘secret’ of ‘fast, easy success.’ Hey, if you could really earn $1,000 a week stuffing envelopes at home, the American workplace would be empty. As much as we may wish for some magic answer, the fact of the matter is this: Changing course to create the kind of work and life you really want takes time, effort and commitment. Period.

Naturally then I was somewhat skeptical when AWAI contacted me about the program ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.’ Before I recommend anything to my readers I like to see it for myself. In a matter of days, I received the entire program — over 700 pages of material!

Before I launched Changing Course, I worked in the marketing field, so I know a little about the direct mail and copywriting world. To say that I was impressed with the program content would be an understatement. It is highly readable, thorough, and on-target.”

Valerie Young,
Editor, Changing Course Newsletter

You’ll learn all there is to know about this huge and ever-growing industry … where a single letter can produce millions of dollars in sales – and reward the copywriter who wrote it very handsomely.

You’ll discover who all the players in the industry are … who’s looking for writers (practically everyone) … who pays top dollar … and which companies are the best ones to write for.

You’ll even get a nudge to get started – by discovering surefire ways to land your first assignment and launch your lucrative copywriting career. You’ll learn how to get in front of marketing people who are looking for copywriters.

Of course, you’ll learn all of this with one goal in mind. To earn $75-$150 an hour as quickly as possible, so you can devote the bulk of your time to your passion of writing.

To help you get there, you’ll also learn …

The Best Secrets From America’s Top Copywriters

The quickest way to learn anything is to learn directly from a master.

And that’s exactly the opportunity you have before you now.

Allow me to introduce you to … Michael Masterson.

Michael started his first business – a publishing venture – at age 11. Since then, his business acumen and mastery of copywriting has helped build more than a dozen start-ups into multimillion-dollar companies. He’s been directly involved in the generation of a billion dollars in sales.

At age 53, Michael retired for the second time in his life … to spend more time with his family and concentrate on writing books.

All of his business and wealth-building books – including his latest, Ready, Fire, Aim – have been listed on the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Amazon.com best-seller lists.

But that’s not all Michael’s done with his copywriting skills and knack for business …

He’s created an impressive lifestyle for himself and his family  … and spends a fair portion of his time in charitable endeavors ….both in the USA and abroad.

There’s one other thing Michael is known for. And this is where you’ll benefit greatly.

He’s an outstanding teacher. He has a gift for taking just about anyone with a burning desire to improve their lifestyle—no matter what their background or education—and transforming them into top-notch copywriters.

He’s taught people from all walks of life ranging from professionals (doctors and lawyers) to bar tenders. He’s even taught folks nearing retirement age, people fresh out of college, housewives, and laborers.

Many of them have gone on to use their copywriting skills to create personal and financial success for themselves.

You, too, will be learning directly from Michael through AWAI’sAccelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

You’ll also learn from two of the best working copywriters in America today. In fact, both of them are Michael’s protégés … and, together, they co-founded AWAI.

Let me introduce you to Paul Hollingshead first.

Paul was working at a grocery store stocking shelves, making six bucks an hour … until Michael Masterson got him into copywriting, and his life changed. Today, Paul earns well over $400,000 a year. And you’ll be privy to some of his best secrets.

Now … meet Don Mahoney.

Don lived in upstate New York, and struggled to make a living as a woodworker. His last year in the business he only made $12,000. Then Michael taught him the art of copywriting … and now Don makes over $300,000 annually. He travels at his leisure, and lives in a beautiful home in Miami Beach.

Fact is, AWAI’sAccelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is the definitive program on copywriting. You won’t find anything that comes close to it.

Here’s an independent review of the program by The Direct Marketing Review …

“This program is simply one of the best copywriting programs I’ve ever seen. It fully lives up to my expectations of a copywriting program. The program is very detailed, and you get everything you need to go out and write your own order-pulling sales letters. Michael Masterson is obviously one of the cleverest copywriters today, and it’s a pleasure to see how he reveals his copywriting techniques and methods in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I give this copywriting program my highest recommendation.”

And, get this …

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Learn the Art of Copywriting

Right off the bat, you’ll be eased into the life of a copywriter. You’ll learn what the copywriting business is all about … what you’ll need to get started … what the industry expects from you (and what you can expect from it) … how you get paid … and more.

Then you’ll discover …

  • A fast and surefire system for having all your research and letter-writing ammunition organized and at your fingertips … as well as one technique for getting to know the product you’re selling even better than the people who created it.
  • How to write masterful headlines that grab your readers’ attention and force them to keep on reading.
  • The four-part structure of every sales letter. Once you know it – and understand what each part must accomplish – it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks. (You can also use this technique on queries to publishers about your personal writing – and exponentially increase your chances of grabbing their interest.)
  • The secret to a powerful lead – an opening so irresistible that your readers will want to buy what you’re selling after reading the first two pages. (Apply this technique to your fiction, and readers will gobble up your prose.)
  • The secret of “The Four-Legged-Stool.” Use it faithfully, and you’ll never write a bad sales letter.
  • “The Architecture of Persuasion” – Michael’s innovative technique for structuring a successful sales letter … and the surest way to lead your reader to the sale.

If you don’t “speak” directly to your readers, using their unique language, you’ll never sell anything … whether you’re writing a sales letter, query, article, or anything else.

By the time you complete this program, you’ll have real-world techniques you can use to zero in and “speak” directly to your reader … and show that you truly care about his or her worries, needs, and wants. It’s amazing how few letters (especially query letters) do this … and that is exactly why most of them fail miserably. Here’s more of what you’ll find …

  • Need to critique your own work? This “power-editing” technique guarantees your letter is as strong as it can be, time after time.
  • Need to spice up your letters? How about adding powerful “bullets”  … purposeful subheads … eye-catching envelope copy … and an order form that’s virtually assured to clinch the sale.
  • Although professional artists will probably design your letters, you’ll learn the key elements of winning graphics – and the biggest design mistakes that can sabotage even the best copy.
  • Bet you didn’t know that there’s one thing you can do to guarantee your first assignment with a major company. (This little trick for getting your foot in the door never, ever fails!)
  • You can find out what the best copywriters in the nation are producing … all for free. Discover how to get yourself “seeded” on important mailing lists … so you can see everything that’s mailing and know what’s working and what’s not.

You’ll get your hands on all these and many, many more powerful writing secrets, selling techniques, and masterful insights into the art of persuasion … from some of the best copywriting minds in the business.

These are the same secrets I’ve used to average $150 an hour. I use them every time I draft a query, polish my novels, tweak my websites, write articles, deal with clients … even when I’m “debating” with my husband. These are drop-dead powerful techniques for nearly every situation you’ll run into as a writer.

Plus, you won’t be alone in learning this new skill. You’ll be a part of …

A Network Like No Other

“Speaking as a professional copywriter, I have to say that AWAI’s program is one of the best things to come down the pike I’ve seen. Nowhere else are so many insiders’ how-to details revealed so clearly. Thanks to this program it’s quite possible that I’ll make twice as much money this year as I did last year.”

Dave Morgan,
Professional Copywriter

American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) – the company that publishes the program – will not only prepare you for your new copywriting career but show you how to launch it as well.

For instance, as a member of AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, you’ll immediately start receiving your FREE subscription to “The Golden Thread” – their weekly e-letter featuring writing tips, advice, success stories, and, yes, JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Written and edited by Will Newman – himself a professional copywriter and marketing consultant (and all around great guy) – “The Golden Thread” will educate and motivate you. And it will be just one of your many sources for finding paying assignments when the time comes to start copywriting for money.

There’s also the AWAI Member Forum, where AWAIers meet and talk about their new copywriting careers, build friendships, and form copy circles and buddy alliances. It’s a great place for like-minded people to share ideas. I take a swing through there when I’m not busy with writing projects. I just may get a chance to meet you there.

Through this network, I was able to make good friends and business contacts. All in all, it’s benefited both my copywriting and writing career.

When I first started the AWAI program, I was pretty busy. After all, with my tailoring gig earning me $3.50 per hem, earning a living wage was no easy feat. That’s why I loved the self-study aspect of the program. Because …

There’s No Hurry. You Go Entirely at Your Own Pace

There’s a logical sequence to everything you do in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting – and it can all be done at your own pace. I was eager. I got it done fast. But others take their time. Either way’s fine.

The initial part of the program teaches you about the business of copywriting … and how to prepare yourself for your new copywriting career.

Before you know it, you’re on your first writing exercises … putting into practice the same skills today’s top copywriters use every day to craft powerful direct-response letters.

Then you dig into the meat of the program … where you learn the invisible structure of a sales piece – and what every letter needs in order to be successful.

With that foundation in place, it’s just a matter of discovering, absorbing, and incorporating the powerful copy secrets that follow … each one designed to take your copywriting to the next level.

But copywriting isn’t only about writing letters. It’s about persuasion. And above all, it’s about good, clean, simple writing that can help everyaspect of your writing career. Here’s what I mean …

Copywriting Helps You Become a Better Writer

It’s true. Yes, copywriting gave me the lifestyle and financial support I needed, but it also gave me something I didn’t expect. It gave me the ability to write persuasively.

Most writers don’t understand how critical persuasive writing can be. When I had my first book published, I was excited – but then a wave of terror swept over me. I didn’t know what to do next.

Turns out the world wasn’t waiting with bated breath for Beth Erickson’s first novel!

Dang! I had to sell the book. To make matters worse, I’m not the kind of person who likes the sales process or finding herself smack dab in the limelight.

Fortunately, with the skills I’d learned from copywriting, I was able to promote my book, right from home.

And here’s another thing I’ve found …

I can say with confidence that most writers don’t know how to write good query letters.

Most of the queries that cross my desk at Filbert Publishing suck. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the truth.

It’s particularly frustrating because an effective, artful query is sooo easy to write if you know just a couple of techniques taught in the AWAI program.

Truth is, if you know how to sell yourself on paper, you’ll dramatically improve your chances of getting published. It’s really that simple. If nothing else, copywriting will help you create effective queries that’ll set you apart from the competition.

Regardless of how you choose to use your copywriting skills, you’ll have a skill set that can help you achieve your writing dreams.

For example …

Cherie Rohn, another AWAI-trained copywriter, recently had her first book, Thief! The Gutsy, True Story of an Ex-Con Artist, snapped up by a publisher. When she asked him why he decided to publish it, he responded, “In addition to being a great story, it’s so well written – clean and tight – that it barely needs any editing.”

“It’s because of the secrets I learned in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting,” says Cherie, “that I was able to improve my writing and get my book published.”

But she’s not the only one …

AWAI Board Member Bob Bly, a copywriter for over 25 years and author of over 70 published books credits copywriting for his success. Here’s what he has to say  …

“When I first started out, I wanted to be a fiction writer. My love was the science fiction niche. But I quickly found out the reality of being a writer. Little to no pay. That’s when I turned to copywriting to help support my writing “habit.” Today, I’ve got over 70 published books – and I couldn’t have done it without learning the secrets of copywriting.”

Today, McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s Top Copywriter” and his dedication to the craft earns him over $600,000 a year.

Copywriting can help you support your writing “habit” too. Yes, you could focus on making tons of money with copywriting, but that’s not the point. The point is you can use your copywriting skills to achieve your dreams … and get your writing out to the world.

Take Back Your Life

This is, after all, a continuing-education opportunity to master a new and invaluable skill you’ll use for the rest of your life. It’s something you can use anytime you like to generate income as you need it.

It’s also an opportunity to take back your life … and enjoy a level of independence few people get to experience. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re working toward everything you know your writing can be.

What’s that worth to you?

Priceless …

If the information you’ll get in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting were available at any school, it would cost you thousands of dollars to attend.

My son is currently attending Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota. His tuition at this tiny community college sets us back $150.00 per credit.

This means each class he takes costs around $600 plus books (which rack up at least another $100). State universities cost more. And private institutions? Don’t get me started.

But you won’t pay thousands. Nor will you need to purchase textbooks. Forget gas-guzzling commutes to classes, too. The cost of AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is just $507, which includes everything you need to get started on the path to earning $150 an hour or more.

Here’s What You Get

With AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, you get all 44 sections of the program … containing the best secrets, techniques, and insights on becoming a paid copywriter.

In addition, you get your own copy of the recently revised and updated 300+ page Hall of Fame , jam-packed with proven selling ideas from 50 of the most successful direct-mail letters and direct-response ads ever written.

You also get “The Golden Thread,” a weekly members-only e-letter with newly discovered copywriting tips and strategies, information on getting clients, and industry news and happenings.

And you have special access to the AWAI Member Forum, where you can connect with like-minded people.

If $507 isn’t convenient for you to pay all at once, there’s another option …

$197 Can Get You Started …

Through this very special offer — you can sign up for the program for just $197. . You’ll get access to everything you need to live the writer’s life. Including the program, your first practice writing exercises, your email subscription to The Golden Thread, and, of course, your invaluable Hall of Fame packed with some of the most successful sales letters of all time.

How to Put the Odds of Success Clearly in Your Favor

Our long-term success is tied to you – to the success you have in becoming a professional copywriter.

Here’s how it works: The more AWAIers who become good, competent, professional copywriters, the more the industry will turn to DirectResponseJobs.com for new copywriters, and the more “in demand” our program will be for people wanting to become professional copywriters.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s why our office walls are covered in framed letters from the dozens and dozens of people who have changed their lives through one of our programs. We are very proud of our record so far. Every time we get another unsolicited testimonial, it makes us all think, “This is why we like our jobs!”

We are proud of our success and hopeful it will continue. But we have a challenge. You see, a large percentage of the people who buy our programs don’t do much more than open the package, skim through it and put it on a shelf, promising themselves they will “get to it later.”

Given how busy everyone is these days, this is to be expected. But when eight out of ten buyers are not following through on the program, it makes us look bad. When asked, “How many of those people who buy your program end up as professional copywriters?” we have to answer honestly, “Too few.”

But that’s a good thing for you, if you are one of the 20%persistent enough to complete the program. Of those people, about half complete their final exercises.

If you’re willing to stick with us, complete the program and work on building your copywriting skills day by day, then your chances of becoming a professional copywriter will be very good. We know this because that’s what our most successful members have told us– they had a strong desire to succeed, and we gave them all the tools they needed to do it.

So take heart – if you have the determination to stay with us, we have the program that will help you succeed. And it goes without saying that whatever you do, your 100%satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

… And There’s No Risk to You

Then take a full year to look it all over. Work on the program and start landing clients.

If it’s not everything you imagined — or if you happen to decide copywriting just isn’t for you — let Member Services know within that year and we’ll send your $197 back … no questions asked.

The Best 197 Bucks You’ll Ever Spend …

You know as well as I do, people spend $50,000 or more on a college degree and never earn over $100,000 a year. This is a very real opportunity to learn a marketable skill that can earn you a nice six-figure income for the rest of your life.

And now you can get started for a tiny fraction of the cost.

So if you’re ready to put this troubled economy behind you –– and choose a lifestyle that’s richer, freer, and infinitely more rewarding … get AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting today. Order Now!

Or call Barb, Pat, Debbie or Jackie at 1-866-879-2924.

Remember, there’s no risk.

Hundreds of people have gone on from the AWAI program to cultivate successful copywriting careers on their own terms. Many of them freelancers who simply love weaving words and desire to make a living wage … people like me and you.

Take a chance. Your dreams are more than worth it.

Beth Erickson
Fellow Writer and Copywriter

P.S. I almost forgot. You’ll also receive a brand-new report titled “How to Safely and Quickly Change Careers.” It’s everything you need to know about leaving your old life and embarking on your exciting new journey.

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