“In this book, Copy Logic!, Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer give away all our secrets! Please don’t buy it.”Bill Bonner, Founder, Agora Publishing, Inc.

If You Are Willing to Spend an Afternoon Reading This Book:

Copy Logic! – The New Science of Producing
Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism)

You’ll Master a Proven System Almost Guaranteed to Produce
Powerful Direct-Response Copy … Every Time.

And to think, you get all this for under $30 …
no catches, no strings – just a great system at a great price.

Dear Reader,

I didn’t completely believe it either.

But because I was committed to making my dream of being a full-time copywriter come true, I was willing to set aside my skepticism.

And from someone who has been exactly where you may be right now, I hope you’ll do the same …

You see, after all the courses, books, swipe files, bootcamps, tele-seminars, and spec assignments, I was still missing something …

And now that I’ve discovered what it was, I’d like to share it with you.

What you are about to read is a straightforward offer.

It’s an offer to buy a book that, I believe, could hold the final piece of the puzzle in your copywriting career.

Better yet, it has the potential to transform you from the copywriter you are today to the copywriter you’ve always wanted to be. And transform you in a way no other course, system, or seminar ever could … for less than 30 bucks.

Better still, if you’re already earning a living as a copywriter (at any level), this book will show you how to write stronger copy, write it faster, and submit your final package with much more confidence.

In Short: You’ll be able to earn more for your writing … lots more. Enough that by this time next year you could be living “the writer’s life” full-time.

In fact, it’s so powerful and so surefire, some of the best copywriters and editors in the business have been using and proving Copy Logic works.

For instance …

Copy Logic! presents 3 of the most useful copywriting processes ever devised. One of which not one copywriter in a thousand knows, and is worth ten times the price of the book.”

Bob Bly, Master Copywriter and
author of over 70 books

“I’ve seen first hand the power of Copy Logic! … writing becomes not only cleaner and clearer, copywriters are able to produce copy faster with better results.”

MaryEllen Tribby,
former CEO and Publisher
Early to Rise

“In just 20 minutes we can turn B-level copy into A-level copy.”

~ Katie Yeakle, Executive Director
American Writers & Artists Institute

“Last year, our three-person team produced several front-end controls and more than $12 million in revenue for the Oxford Club Group. And it’s safe to say we wouldn’t have accomplished half that without what we learned in Copy Logic!”

– Jay Livingston,
The Oxford Club


Copy Logic! will change the way direct response marketing campaigns are created for generations to come.

In this eye-opening volume, Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer – two of the world’s most brilliant and successful copywriters – reveal their proprietary process for transforming ‘good’ copy into ‘great’ copy … and ‘great’ copy into legendary copy.

Every direct response business owner, marketing exec, creative director and copywriter armed with this simple but powerful approach will find that it instantly multiplies response, revenues and profits by an order of magnitude.”

– Clayton Makepeace, 7-figure copywriter,
Publisher, The Total Package

As I mentioned, the book is called Copy Logic! – The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism) …

How I know this can work for you

For the last 12 months, I’ve been using the principles of Copy Logic! while working inside one of the greatest direct-response companies on the planet, Agora, Inc. – Stansberry & Associates, to be more exact.

More important for you, I’ve been working directly with one of its authors, Mike Palmer (AWAI’s 2009 Copywriter of the Year).

Why is this so important for you?

Because I’ve seen what’s written in the pages of Copy Logic! played out in real life. And I have applied it directly to my own copy as well as to the copy of other top copywriters – with amazing results …

Take, Greg Yenoli, a senior copywriter at Stansberry. He had this to say about Copy Logic:

“Using what I’ve learned in Copy Logic! tells me instantly how a potential buyer will respond to my work.”

And Ned Harper, another writer at Stansberry, says:

“Ever since I started doing this at Stansberry (years ago now), I think Copy Logic! is the single most important thing we do. Speaking for myself, anything I’ve written that’s been successful I owe completely to our group and the Copy Logic! process.”

And now you can use the exact system these full-time, six-figure copy pros use to make your copy stronger and more engaging. Not to mention to sell more for your client (even if you are your own client).

A proven system for writing great copy

You see, Mike is a master copywriter with over 10 years in the business, quietly writing some of the biggest packages ever written for Agora. (In 2009 alone, he brought in nearly 100,000 new paid subscribers.)

And according to Michael Masterson, the co-author, Mike has developed the most successful team of copywriters anywhere … with the sales numbers to prove it.

So, it was the chance to work with Mike and his team of top copywriters – and to learn the secrets of Copy Logic! that got me to uproot my wife and two kids and move 548 miles from home to Baltimore, MD.

A move that cost me thousands of dollars in moving expenses, a separation with friends and family, and a year of my life. All this so I could learn what you could discover in one afternoon, in your favorite chair, simply by reading this book …

Now you’ll have access to the same system we use every week to produce control after control.

The only difference is, you won’t have to move and you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars.

All you need is an open mind, a little under 30 bucks, and about one afternoon’s time.

Then, once you see how simple and powerful Copy Logic! can be, you’ll be able to use it on demand to transform mediocre copy into copy that sells … anytime you wish.

Here’s a look at some of the secrets you’ll be getting …

  • The story behind Copy Logic! and how it created a $300 million publishing empire.
  • How to shorten your learning curve by half. (Using Copy Logic!, Mike Palmer built an elite team of copywriters in record time. What’s more, many of them are earning six figures because of it.)
  • How to turbocharge your copy’s selling power using Mike’s simple CUB technique.
  • Want to write strong, well-balanced copy every single time? Use this simple, 4-point copy checklist.
  • Boost your productivity by avoiding criticism. (This innovative alternative delivers results that are far superior to what you may be doing now.)
  • The step-by-step formula and examples of the exact system used by one of today’s biggest direct mailers.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions so you can replicate the Copy Logic! process yourself.

Of course, there’s even more you’ll discover. (Just a suggestion – you may want to have and notebook at your side, because you’ll have some real “Aha!” moments while reading this book.)

“At some point, and always on a major project, every writer goes blank. The deadline is here. So now what? Now this: Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer’s new book, Copy Logic!, solves that problem. With this information at your elbow, you’ll never again sit staring into space, wondering ‘What should I do now?’ The quick solution not only is worth far more than the remarkably low cost of this book. It’s worth what an entire library might cost … and an entire library couldn’t match these invaluable tips.”

– Herschell Gordon Lewis,
legendary direct-response writer and consultant

But it’s not just about writing better …
It’s about living better.

Here’s the thing, when you use the process good things start to happen … not just with your copy … but with your life.

For example, as I was writing this letter I asked a few of the senior copywriters here how their lives had changed since using CopyLogic.

I wanted to know if they were any closer to the writer’s life.

Now, they’re a pretty quiet and humble group but here’s what I finally got out of a few of them …

One writer said …

"I started working at S&A research back in June 2006 and the income I've earned since has allowed me to buy a new house. Today, I even work my own hours and my close friends are some of the brightest minds in finance.”

Then another finally agreed to let me see a more personal side and told me …

“My copy has improved exponentially since I started implementing Mike’s CopyLogic techniques. But it’s not just that I’m writing better copy … which is really gratifying … I’m making 10 times more money with each new royalty check. What am I doing with the money? I just made the biggest purchase of my life: a 4-bedroom beautiful brick home in one of the most sought-after suburbs of Washington D.C. The truth is, my husband and I would never have been able to afford this place without a steady stream of royalty checks that keep pouring in, thanks to CopyLogic.”

And another is truly living the writer’s life …

“When I started copywriting, I had zero experience. Before this, I was waiter. Without the Copy Logic system, there's no way I would have learned this craft as well or as quickly as I did. In just a few weeks, using this system, I can go from nothing – not even an idea of what to write about – to a finished promotion pulling in thousands of dollars in royalties. Thanks to Copy Logic, I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. And as a successful copywriter, I get to do pretty much whatever I want, every single day. I don't have a boss hanging over me. I don't have to punch a clock. I can work whenever I want. And I can do it from anywhere – like the roof deck of my town home in downtown Philly, staring out over the lights … or some quiet beach in the Caribbean, where I escape to every winter. Without CopyLogic, none of this would be possible.”

How to get your hands on this resource …

As I said, you can learn the entire Copy Logic! system for under 30 bucks.

It’s just 24.95.

That’s it. No monthly payments, no strings, and no catches.

All you need to do is click on one of the order buttons on this pageand AWAI will process your order right away.

But before you click through, I asked Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director, if there was anything else she could offer you to sweeten the pot.

And she agreed to let you in on one of the best kept secrets in the direct-response industry …

How to get million-dollar copy ideas
in just 30 minutes a day

As you know, the “Big Idea” can make or break your copy. So AWAI has put together a free bonus for you so that you can find a big idea anytime you need to get a new project off the ground.

This little report will show you how to use a proprietary system to become a top-notch, idea-generating copywriter in no time flat.

You’ll discover …

  • How to overcome one of the biggest problems facing freelance copywriters … Now you’ll have the answer.
  • An example of what the process looks like so you can easily model it … It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • A set of guidelines AWAI and other copy teams around the world have perfected – written out in an easy-to-follow format … so you can get started quickly.
  • How to use a little known feature in WORD that makes your copy easier to read … and, therefore, far more powerful.

Plus, take a look at what just a few successful copywriters, publishers, and direct-response professionals have to say about this bonus process …

“With this process, new copywriters quickly become stronger copywriters … and we in turn get stronger copy. It’s a win, win!”

– Rebecca Matter, Vice President
Director of Online Marketing, American Writers & Artists Inst.

“This process developed by Michael Masterson has dramatically changed the learning curve of our junior writers. What would normally take an entire year to teach, we’ve seen them pick up in a matter of months.”

– Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher,
Taipan Publishing Group

“One of our managing editors has worked here for 9 years and was a great editor but a marginal writer. Michael Masterson worked with her on this process for just a few weeks and something snapped. She is now putting out some of the best lead copy we have and is writing her first promotion. Michael and his process did in weeks what we couldn’t accomplish in 9 years!”

– Jenny Thompson,
Publisher, Agora Health Publishing

“Michael’s process is not only the best way to gain copywriting mastery in the fastest possible time – it’s also enormously effective in generating the fuel that powers great copywriting: ideas.”

– Paul Hollingshead,
Copywriter and Co-Founder of AWAI

“This process forces you to come up with fresh ideas each day – not always an easy task. It gets your creative juices flowing … and before you know it, you’re writing kickass headlines.”

– Jeanie Rainey, Copywriter, Stansberry & Associates

Once you order Copy Logic!, you’ll be able to download the Special Bonus Report: “Generating Million-Dollar Ideas With the Mini-Review Process” right away and get started finding those big ideas that create big hits and happy clients.

One last thing … your 30-day, money-back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with

Copy Logic!
The New Science of Producing
Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism)

for any reason whatsoever, just contact one of AWAI’s Member Services team online
or call them at 561-278-5557 and AWAI will give you a quick,
no-questions-asked refund. No Hassles. No hard feelings.

It just doesn’t get any fairer than that …

So go ahead and order your copy today.

I can’t wait to read about your success stories using Copy Logic!


Sean P. McCool
Copywriter, Stansberry & Associates
AWAI 2009 Wall of Fame Inductee
2008 Bootcamp spec challenge winner

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