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How to Stake Your Claim as a Copywriter

Steve Roller gives 3 tips for copywriters just getting started: have a two year horizon, develop a sense of individualism, and commit to yourself to make it work.

Find a Void in the Marketplace and Fill It

Steve Roller knows the initial vastness of the copywriting world can be intimidating. Read on to learn how to quickly narrow it down and make your copywriting journey more manageable.

Turning Your Clients into Ambassadors

Steve Roller helps you find the best referral of all, a satisfied client.

Your Job: Make Their Job Easier

Steve Roller highlights some often overlooked details in the client/copywriter relationship.

The Art of the Client Interview

That first client interview is a stress many people will never understand. Luck for you, Steve Roller has been there and has some great tips to make sure you ace it.

Use Your Talents to Make a Difference

Steve Roller is here to show you some of the ways your unique skill as a copywriter can help not just your income, but your community and the world.

The Vibrant Longevity of Writers

Steve Roller points out some of the larger, life long benefits of living the writer's life.

"Let's Write a Swimming Pool"

Having goals makes getting through the tough stuff easier. Steve Roller gives us some of his goals, and tells us how keeping our goals in mind can help our copywriting careers.

How to Determine Your Value in the Marketplace

Landing a client is half the battle. Steve Roller walks us through the other half, working out the specifics of the deal.

Why Detail-Oriented Writers Succeed

Steve Roller shares a simple suggestion that he guarantees will have you making more money in 2012.

Create a Rock-Solid Freelance Business

Steve Roller pulls lessons from corporate America to help your freelance business.

How to Become an Authority in 60 Days

Steve Roller shares steps freelancers can take to become an authority in their niche.

Capitalize on Your Weirdness

Steve Roller encourages freelancers to shine in their careers - by capitalizing on their weirdness.

When Life Smacks You Down, Do This

Steve Roller shares what you can do when you experience a set-back in achieving your goals.