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It’s a Fact: Humans Are Hardwired for Stories… Tell Us About Your Story in Less Than 400 Words… and You Might Get Paid $200 for Your Effort!

Practice is the best way to keep improving as an online copywriter. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

If You Can Uncover an Unusual Piece of Information and Turn It into an Article, You Might Be Awarded a $200 Prize

Practice is the best way to keep improving as an online copywriter. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Here’s How to Get Paid to Write Feel-Good Stories for Your Clients

Writing case studies is no different from writing a good story. And because companies rely on them so much, you could earn a handsome living as a specialist when you know how to write these customer success stories.

5 Lessons on Copywriting from the Son of a Preacher Man

One of the smartest and quickest ways to advance your copywriting career is by studying the works of legendary marketers and writers because they offer all kinds of strategies, tips, and techniques you can use today.

17 Proven Emotional Trigger Words That Drive Curiosity

You can keep readers glued to your writing when you use emotional trigger words, especially ones that ramp up their curiosity. And using them correctly in copy will make you a sought-after writer.

Six In-Demand Writing Projects that Dramatically Up Your Income

Learn these six in-demand B2B projects and you could find yourself launching a very lucrative freelance writing career in a short period of time.

Why Companies Will Pay You $3,000 to $5,000 for This Kind of Writing

Wake up every day knowing you have a never-ending stream of high-paying writing projects — and as many as you choose to take on because now more than ever, companies need email writers.

This Kind of Writing Is Considered the “Holy Grail” of Copywriting

Companies NEED SKILLED WRITERS like never before. But it’s writers who can craft a direct-response digital marketing campaign from start to finish that command the biggest fees and are always in demand.

These In-Demand Projects Pay $3,000 up to $5,000 or More

Well-trained web copywriters are in-demand more than ever and clients are willing to shell out big money to hire you to write their most pressing projects.

Here’s Your Chance to Get Paid $200 to Write an Ad for AWAI’s Upcoming Virtual Bootcamp 2022

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means spending time writing! Write an ad for AWAI’s upcoming Virtual Bootcamp and you could win $200 and free admission to the event.

True Story of the $80-Million Missing Hyphen

Earn extra money, as much as $300 per day, working behind-the-scenes to help every serious business get the most out of every piece of copy and content they produce and publish.

Skilled Writers Needed Now for This Exploding Niche

The demand for trained writers who know how to write sales enablement copy for the B2B industry is surging. You could easily get paid $1,000 for a few hours of writing.

How Some Writers Earn Up to $6,000 a Day

If you start a blog, it’s possible you could earn as much as $6,000 per day writing about subjects you enjoy or have a passion for. Or you could use your blogging skill to land more clients. Both options can lead to financial independence and lifestyle freedom.

Put Money Worries Aside: Use Your Writing Skills to Make an “Extra” $400-$3,500 a Month

If you launch your own Money-Making Website, it’s a chance to write about subjects you are passion about. And that could lead to a steady stream of passive income, sometimes earning as much as extra $400, $1,000, or $3,500 a month.

Here’s Why, If You Know How to Write Direct Response Copy, Your Future Is Golden

Writing direct response copy is your secret weapon to success. And today the opportunities to do so are greater than ever. Or, as David says to all direct response people who watch the video, “You face a golden future.”

How One Decision Changes Your Writing Career Opportunities

Membership in COS changes your writing career opportunities by giving you full access to hundreds of different resources including personal mentoring, proven client-getting techniques, strategies for negotiating high fees, and self-study programs for improving your writing skills.

A Ground Floor Opportunity for Writers in a $30 Trillion-a-Year Space

NFTs have opened up a BIG new writing opportunity. Train with web writing master Nick Usborne and become a Web3 Writing Specialist. You’ll learn to write captivating content and copy that piques a prospect’s interests immediately.

Pick a Subject or Topic You Love and Turn It into an Intriguing Yet Easy-to-Read Article And You Just Might Win A $200 Cash Prize for Your Effort

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

This AWAI Member Already Earned Back His Investment with Just Three Clients

With Infinity Membership, you get lifetime access to every home study program… every business-building course… every book, every manual, every template, and every home business kit AWAI offers — now and in the future.

AWAI's Blow-Out 25th Anniversary Sale on Writing Training Programs: Claim Your 90% Savings NOW

With the blow-out AWAI's 25th Anniversary Sale, here’s your chance to pick your favorite skill-building training programs and business-building resources and save up to 90% off the regular price.

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