June 2016

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As a copywriter, it’s critical you know the magic formula behind all great sales letters.

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The Importance of “Deep Reading”

The most important thing you can do to achieve the writer's life is to write. The second most important?

The Story Behind The Highest-Paid Copywriter Today and What He Can Tell You about Achieving The Writer's Life

Today’s “highest-paid copywriter” didn't start out that way. In fact, if you'd asked his high school chemistry teacher, he would've said Clayton Makepeace would be a failure.

Copywriting Exercises: Are You a Better Speller Than Will Newman? (It's Not That Hard!)

As writers, our greatest allies are words. But they can also be demons when they refuse to spell themselves correctly. Here's a fun look at frequently misspelled words.

Top Tips on How to Become a Copywriter From Carline Anglade-Cole - One of the Top Names in the Industry Working Today

If you’re serious about learning how to become a copywriter, you must meet top copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole at Bootcamp this year.

Achieve Copywriter Success with Mentoring From 12 Top Copywriters

AWAI’s Advanced Training Program offers mentoring in the 12 most in-demand types of copywriting projects that will lead to your copywriter success.