Former Life Coach Gains Freedom, Clears $10k/Month in First Year as Copywriter

Not everyone is born with deep intuition, but for Jessica McKay, this special gift comes naturally.

In her professional career, Jessica longed to use her intuition to help others. But after trying a few traditional 9-to-5 jobs, she was left unfulfilled – so she started her own business as a life coach.

For eight years, Jessica used her intuition to counsel and advise other people. However, month after month, Jessica worried about finances and worked tirelessly to get clients.

“No matter how much business training I invested in, it was a really hard business model – selling session by session,” she says. “I needed 30 people a month just to make $3,000. It was challenging.” 

To top it off, she was mentally drained. As a deep introvert, Jessica was exhausted from continuously forcing herself to be extroverted for her job.

A Whole New World

Despite her frustrations, one aspect of Jessica’s business always brought her joy – writing emails to her customers. Jessica loved to write, but she’d never considered it a viable career option.

“My coaching business didn't feel right to me, but I didn't know how to transition into writing,” she says. 

In June 2019, Jessica was astonished to learn a friend was making a living as a writer. Hopeful, she jumped online and started researching – which led her straight to American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). There, she was stunned to discover the world of copywriting and the vast opportunities available to earn an income.

After devouring the content on AWAI’s website, and noting their proven track record and expert base, Jessica jumped in.

“There was so much information on AWAI’s site. That blew me away,” she says. “I could learn about all different types of copy, how to employ them, how to get clients. Nothing was left out.”

Jessica also felt an immediate connection to the AWAI community – she knew she’d found her people. Excited about the possibilities, she invested in AWAI’s The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and started the first lessons.

The Pandemic Inspires a New Career

However, with limited spare time, Jessica struggled to move forward in the course. She faithfully continued with her business – and grueling schedule – until the pandemic hit in early 2020. All at once, she and her husband, a self-employed music teacher, lost their clientele – and their income.

Jessica recalls, “For a while we were both sort of scrambling like ‘what's going to happen?’”

But the sudden drop in business was a blessing in disguise – it gave Jessica the chance to breathe and truly reassess her professional desires. As she filed for unemployment, Jessica’s intuition told her it was time for a change. She turned back to The Accelerated Program.

“I loved it. Just getting halfway through the program made me feel competent enough to start,” she says.

Before Jessica even finished the course, she declared herself a copywriter and put her name out in the world. Within 24 hours, she landed her first client on retainer, immediately matching her income as a coach.  Her second client, a direct referral from her first client, quickly followed.

“That was such a win,” Jessica recalls. “It was like the universe saying, ‘yes, this is a direction that you can take’. It was really exciting.”

Logging a Five-Figure Month

Within two months, Jessica landed five more clients, bringing her to full-time work – and full-time income. During this time, she went “all in” and joined AWAI’s Circle of Success (COS), giving her lifetime access to everything she needed to succeed as a new copywriter – and beyond.

“COS has been really valuable,” she says. “I’m part of a community – I know I have support. Anytime I need to learn a type of copywriting, I can access it through AWAI.”

Just four months after starting her new journey as a copywriter, Jessica had her first five-figure month.

Finding Alignment in Copywriting

Jessica has found her natural gift of intuition and desire to help people marry beautifully with copywriting. She specializes in email sequences and web copy for healers, coaches and entrepreneurs – like she used to be. Her main focus is helping her clients create crystal clear messaging that speaks directly to the needs and desires of their customers.

With her natural abilities and background, coupled with the help of AWAI, she’s nailing it – with amazing results.

“AWAI is a whole community of people dedicated to teaching copywriting as a craft,” Jessica says. “They’re so passionate about what they’re doing. They’re the guide that I needed. I would not have known this was possible without them.”  

Freedom Abounds

Today, Jessica and her husband experience freedom in multiple ways. “This is the most lucrative career I've ever had in my life,” she says. “I can think about things I didn't have the luxury to think about before. It’s changed everything.”

With money worries off the table, Jessica’s husband no longer has to be the financial “rock” of their family. He can relax and take time to evaluate the direction of his own business. What’s more, they can start saving for retirement and even take a much-needed vacation.

But for Jessica, some of the best freedoms have come in life’s simplest pleasures. “I love going for walks with my husband,” Jessica says. “I wasn't able to do anything before I was a copywriter. It was all hustle just trying to get clients. There’s more room to take care of myself now.”

Jessica works just as hard at copywriting as when she was a life coach, but with one enormous difference – now she wakes up fulfilled, knowing she’s found her calling. Eventually, Jessica would like to work less – and when that time comes, copywriting will give her the flexibility she desires.

“I love what I do,” she says. “I don't just tolerate it or put up with it. I actually love it. I love waking up every day and writing – it doesn’t feel like work. To me, that’s the biggest definition of success.”

Jessica’s Tips For Copywriters

  • Evaluate your life for inspiration – Copywriting can stem from a variety of experiences. “You don’t need to have studied something to write about it. You could have just lived something,” Jessica says.
  • Get help – Jessica realized investing in her business early on was a key driver for success.
  • Don’t let fear win – Put yourself out there, even if you aren’t completely confident yet. You don’t need to be an expert to start helping clients.

Ready to pursue the writer’s life?

Learn more about the program that launched Jessica’s career, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Case Study:
Jessica McKay

“This is the most lucrative career I've ever had in my life. I can think about things I didn't have the luxury to think about before. It’s changed everything.”

Jessica McKay
Central New Jersey
Former Career:
Small business owner as a life coach
How She Got Her First Client:
A former colleague promoted Jessica’s new copywriting skills in her business group. That same day, Jessica landed her first client.
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