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"Every B2B company has a story to tell, and most need someone to help them tell it. This is why B2B copywriting is such a huge opportunity. White papers and case studies are both excellent ways to explain what a company does and showcase its competitive advantages. A case study is a relatively simple before-and-after testimonial from a happy customer. Any writer can learn to write these quickly. White papers are much more challenging to learn, thus they pay even more. Since I started to focus on white papers, my writing business has grown steadily year after year, through recessions and slowdowns as though they're not even happening. So will yours, if you apply yourself to mastering these two vital B2B formats: case studies and white papers."

– Gordon Graham


GORDON GRAHAM — also known as That White Paper Guy — is an award-winning copywriter who has created more than 235 white papers for clients from Silicon Valley to Switzerland. Gordon has written white papers on everything from choosing enterprise software to designing virtual worlds for kids … for everyone from tiny startups to 3M, Google and Verizon.

Gordon has also worked as a journalist, technical writer, marketing executive, and independent copywriter. He has written close to 1,000 magazine articles for everyone from accountants to woodworkers, and won 14 awards from the Society for Technical Communications for a variety of projects.

Gordon’s website “ThatWhitePaperGuy.com” features dozens of articles on white paper writing, marketing, and project management.

A former VP of Marketing for a software startup, Gordon has looked at B2B copywriting from both sides: as a marketing manager who hires writers, and as a writer who sells services to corporate clients. He’s a past president of PWAC, the Professional Writers Association of Canada, and has taught communications at two universities and at companies including Cisco, Ericsson, and Sprint.

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Dive Into An Ocean of Opportunity By Becoming a B2B Content Writer

Which would you rather work in? A market where the competition is fierce and you have to fight for every project? Or a market where companies are scrambling to connect with good writers … and once they find a writer they like, they give them project after project … sometimes for years?

If the latter option piqued your interest, B2B content writing expert Gordon Graham would like to introduce you to the B2B content market … a place where you’ll find few competitors, great fees, and a growing (and ongoing) demand for your skills.

B2B firms have discovered that content marketing is a proven way to attract new prospects and capture more leads.

To make their content marketing efforts work, they need B2B content writers.

The opportunity for trained B2B content writers is enormous. There are more than 5 million B2B firms in North America, and as of 2016, the Content Marketing Institute + Marketing Profs reports that 88% of all B2B firms are using some form of content marketing. Most of those companies have plans to increase their content marketing budgets in the immediate future.

The most successful companies put nearly half of their marketing budget into content marketing.

You can easily fill your calendar with just a single great B2B content marketing client. Land two or three and you’ll be able set. The biggest problem you’ll face is having too much work … at least that’s what Gordon Graham says of his own experience.

That’s why he’s eager to bring you into this unique niche. And to help you get started, he’s put together a special Crash Course in B2B Content.

In his Crash Course, he’ll walk you through the top 12 super-lucrative types of B2B content, including:

  • Blog Posts ($250 to $500)
  • Case Studies ($1,000+)
  • E-books (Sky’s the limit!)
  • E-newsletters ($500+ per issue)
  • Infographics ($750 and up!!)
  • Placed Articles ($2 per word or more)
  • Press Releases ($250 to $500+)
  • Slide Decks ($100+ per slide)
  • Speeches ($100+ per minute)
  • Video Scripts ($1,000+ each)
  • Websites (Sky’s the limit!)
  • White Papers ($3,000 to $7,000+)

For each type of B2B content, Gordon gives you:

  • A detailed overview. You’ll have perfect clarity on what’s involved when you agree to a project.
  • Multiple samples of successful projects so you have proven copy to model your own work after.
  • Guidance on the typical scope, fees, and clients for each project type — you’ll never have to wonder what’s included or what’s a good price for the work — he’ll tell you!
  • An array of practical tips on researching, writing, and delivering B2B content pieces that will please your clients and deliver great results.
  • And much more!

By the time you finish this Crash Course in B2B Content, when a company asks you to write ANY of the top B2B content projects, you’ll be able to say, “YES!!” with confidence.

Get started now by ordering today.

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