Gary & Merri Scott:
Self-Made Millionaires –
Publishing to a Small Audience
for a Big Income

“Write every single day. It will improve your skill. It will open up a channel inside you, and the ideas will just flow out of you. The mind-body-heart connection — call it what you will — won’t give you those ideas unless you can do something with them. It’s like a jug full of water  … if you keep filling it up, stuff is going to spill over.

Write today about what interests you now and commit that you will write every day — if you start doing that, you will never get empty, you will never run out of ideas.”

– Gary Scott

Portrait GARY & MERRI SCOTT are among the pioneers of global investment strategies. They began publishing international investing and business advice nearly 40 years ago.

Since then, Gary and his wife Merri have built a successful and lucrative publishing business writing about the things they love and do. From multi-currency investing to living well in Ecuador, they serve a small, but targeted and responsive readership. They have written and published 39 books and reports on global investing, along with five courses on international business.

Gary is a former columnist for On Wall Street and The Global Guide, and spoke weekly on the nationally syndicated “Market Rap” radio program for many years. He has managed a portfolio for a leading Austrian investment bank and even appeared in federal court as an expert witness on international economics.

Today, Gary and Merri publish three e-zines – with readers in over 80 countries – and conduct more than a dozen popular seminars each year.

Gary and Merri value producing useful publications that help better the lives of their readers. They also enjoy teaching others how to become successful self-publishers.

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