Bob & Karin Cox:
Teaching Success Seekers to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment

"I had the chance to work with a few remarkable men who became billionaires. These men were truly motivated yet each one came from humble beginnings. They learned how to reach their full potential by mastering time expansion techniques.

"AWAI believes in offering programs to men and women who understand there is more to life, that greatness awaits them if they could only find a way to reach it. They provide outstanding guidance and assistance for success-seeking men and women to reach their goals of financial security, independence and freedom. My wife, Karin, and I feel blessed to be involved with AWAI. Our Total Success Achievement Program’s purpose is to turn the life you have into the life you want.”

— Bob Cox


BOB COX, a licensed insurance agent and private pilot has devoted his life to studying and working with successful people. He has acquired and applied learned time management, organizational, focus and life skills to start over a dozen businesses.

He co-founded the Home Shopping Network which began as a local start-up and grew into a $2-billion-a-year enterprise. Bob negotiated a multi-million dollar re-insurance contract for Kuwait’s Technical & Capitalization Exchange Trust.


After reaching a life- long personal goal of obtaining his private pilot’s license at age 56 he has been awarded two World Airspeed Records with the National Aeronautic Association and Federation Aeronautique Internationale. He has mentored over 3,000 men and women since 2006.

KARIN COX, Bob’s wife of 30 plus years, assists Bob with the tools, strategies and techniques in the Total Success Achievement Program, available only through AWAI.

AWAI Programs with Bob & Karin Cox