David Deutsch:
A-List Direct-Response Copywriter

In 20 minutes David came come up with a way of explaining my business that is so stunning in its elegance, yet so simple to understand … that I realized that with this new way of explaining things, he had just turned a million-dollar 'cool idea' into a billion-dollar revolution. It's crazy but life will never be the same.” — Erica Douglass

Why Work With David?

David Deutsch

With David, you have an opportunity to coach with an A-list writer who has worked for top publishers such as Agora, Boardroom, Healthy Directions, Rodale and many others. David teaches high-conversion techniques based on his vast and highly successful experience with top publishers and markers. His mission is to help you succeed as a direct-response copywriter, whatever that means to you. Together you'll determine your vision of success and go after it with a solid plan.

Specific Outcomes You Can Expect

Many of David's coaching students have, under his guidance, written extremely successful promotions for their clients or their own companies. You'll know how to take your work from B-level to A-level for the top markets and big publishers, including financial publishers, weight loss, survival and any company requiring A-level copy.

His Coach Approach

David has been coaching copywriters for just over ten years. He describes his approach as having no specific agenda. Instead, he completely customizes his coaching to the needs and objectives of each individual. As he reviews your work, you can expect exercises and assignments to review together.

In David's Words:

“My writing has sold hundreds of millions of dollar’s worth of my clients’ products — which include everything from books, seminars and newsletters to Maxwell House Coffee and Uniroyal Tires. If you know you could be better but you're unable to get there, I'll help you write better and land better, larger, higher-paying clients.”

Fees and Terms

Consider David's high-level, expert coaching as an investment with incredibly potential reward. He's available on a limited basis and his fees are discussed privately with those interested in working with him.

How to Get Started

Visit David's website to learn more about his background. Then email David to inquire about his coaching programs and availability.

I've had many tough and great teachers but David was the toughest and best … What I learned from him in just one week is invaluable.” — Jeff Weiller, Danbury, Connecticut

David always pushes me to make my copy better, stronger, more compelling. He never lets me settle for ‘ok’ or ‘good enough’. And, amazingly, I find myself, and my copy rising to the challenge. It’s like having your own personal Olympic coach whispering in your ear … Listen closely enough and you might just land that gold medal.” — Marcella Allison