2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

holiday gift guide for writers

In the spirit of the season of making our days merrier and bright … we pulled together the best-loved things that get us by in this newfound #WorkFromHome life.

Here are our favorites … from industry experts and the AWAI team alike … to help you gift a little somethin' for the writer in your life … even if that writer is you!

treat yourself

(Quick note: we aren't paid to promote any of these goodies. They're all simply suggestions of things we love and think you will, too.)

For The Work-From-Home Mom or Dad

We get it — the #WFH life can be stressful … especially when your home office doubles as an office-playroom-kitchen counter-classroom setup. Take a deep breath, grab one of these, and let your worries dissolve … at least until the kids find out how to pick the lock and barge into your Zoom meeting playing pirates vs. ninjas.

holiday gift guide for work from home mom or dad

  1. Comfy — "Ridiculously oversized … because sometimes, my Tiny House Office gets cold." Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
  2. Copywriter T-shirt — aka the writer's #WFH uniform. Tim Matassa, AWAI Staff Copywriter
  3. Fingerless Gloves — "I am going to ask for some of those gloves with the fingertips cut off so I can more comfortably take my laptop out on an above-freezing day this winter and type in an Adirondack chair in the backyard in the sun." Jen Stevens, Executive Editor, International Living
  4. Indoor Plants — "Since we're all stuck at home, why not fill it with brain-boosting oxygen?" Alexis Trbovich, AWAI Director of Acquisition
  5. Coffee Subscription — "For a steady supply of creative fuel." Jen Onorati, AWAI Social Media Marketing Manager and humble author of this guide
  6. Nespresso with Milk Frother — To serve up all that coffee you'll be getting from your subscription. Jessica Andrews, AWAI Marketing Coordinator
  7. AWAI's Getting Clients Method — To set yourself up for a steady supply of paying clients so you can support your #WFH lifestyle. Melissa Everett, AWAI Social Media Community Engagement Specialist
  8. Purple Seat Cushion — It'll turn your hard kitchen barstool into a cloud. Katie Yeakle, AWAI Executive Director
  9. Sorel Slippers — For those chilly 6 a.m. Zoom meetings from Oregon. Bonnie Caton, AWAI Staff Copywriter
  10. Sommailier Wine Subscription — "For after a good day of writing." John Forde, Copywriter, Author

For The Productivity Hacker

You know that special someone in your life who has a cute cubby or container for everything, like an obedient student of Marie Kondo's life-changing tidying method? Well, these gifts are for them … those writers who can never have enough organizational tchotchkes or color-coded to-do lists.

holiday gift guide for the productivity hacker

  1. Focus@Will — "A subscription to this would top my list. I'd be lost without it." Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Wealthy Web Writer
  2. Parmesan & Pepper Sunflower Seeds by Chinook — "It's a little family-run business from Austin, where I used to live, and the seeds help me feed my need to snack while doing project research while still staying healthy. Don't like Parmesan & Pepper? They have Cinnamon Toast, Hatch Chile, and Dill Pickle options, too." Jen Adams, Managing Editor, The Professional Writers' Alliance
  3. Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Board — "This $20 whiteboard calendar with room for notes on the side has been a life-saver this year. We actually have two going all the time (this month and next month), and it really helps sort out what days are busy or open for writing." Jen Adams
  4. AWAI's Essential Business Templates for Copywriters — Six project management templates … six roadmaps for more powerful copy … plus four bonus templates for marketing success. Talk about being productive. Melissa Everett
  5. Personalized Journal — Engraved or monogrammed to make it uniquely yours. Tim Matassa
  6. Panobook — For storyboarding and visualizing all your brilliant ideas. Andrew Davis, author, speaker, mentor of AWAI's Video Script Writing Mastery program
  7. Full Focus Planner — “2021 is going to be the year of the writer. Charge on in, ready to take action and get stuff done!” Rebecca Matter, AWAI President
  8. Panda Planner — For productivity, time management, and happiness. (Okay, so we really like planners. Have you gotten one already?!) Jen Onorati
  9. Toggl Time Tracker — "I can't live without it." Jen Adams
  10. Theo Classic Library Chocolate Bar Collection — You'll need some energy for all that planning you're about to do. Bonnie Caton

For The Motivation Maven

Some of us like to get in the zone with a little help from our friends … and sometimes those friends are Oprah on an audiobook or a British Zen Master who seems to always know exactly how to set us back on track. Here's how those mantra-minded loved ones on your list can keep that #MotivationMonday energy all week long …

holiday gift guide for the motivation maven

  1. Headspace Meditation App — For any time you need re-centering in these stressful times. Jen Onorati
  2. AWAI's Meditation for Writers —"For anyone who feels stressed over the holidays." Jared Meyer, AWAI Design Manager. (Plus, it's free, so how can you say no?!)
  3. Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library — “How writers do chocolate.” Bonnie Caton
  4. Starbucks Dark Roast Espresso — "For those early mornings," Jake Allen, AWAI Member Success Team Lead
  5. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream — "I work with my hands, so I totally deserve this. It's on my Christmas list every year." Jen Adams
  6. An Old-School Typewriter — "For when I need a little inspiration. Unlike my MacBook's, typewriter keys aren't whisper-quiet: Each strike of a key on a typewriter sends up a small burst of applause! A cheer! You're doing it! HOORAY! And doesn't every writer need that kind of cheering squad? #rhetorical." Ann Handley
  7. Wordaful — Positive Affirmation Cards for Daily Motivation — "I find them centering, meaningful, and an interesting 'anchor' for the day." Katie Yeakle
  8. A Professional Writers' Alliance membership — For setting you up to successfully and repeatedly land great clients. Yes, please. Andrew Mikowski, AWAI Marketing Manager
  9. A Book of the Month Subscription — Because sometimes you just need to not look at a screen. Jessica Andrews
  10. The Path Made Clear, by Oprah Winfrey — To help discover your life's direction and purpose. Jen Onorati

For The Tech Junkie

Sometimes, what you really need is a good quality high-tech gadget for your home office to get through that seventh Zoom meeting of the day or the last-minute Facebook Live you just got invited to. Here's what all the gadget gurus are using to make themselves look shiny and bright.

holiday gift guide for the tech junkie

  1. Height-Adjustable Desk — Lets you sit or stand with smooth up and down adjustments. Mindy McHorse, Executive Editor, Barefoot Writer
  2. Time Cube — For high-tech time management. Bonnie Caton
  3. Airpods Pro — With active noise cancellation for immersive sound, "The difference from Airpods for listening to music is night and day." Josh Titcomb, AWAI Chief Technology Officer
  4. Bose Wireless Headphones — Another noise-canceling option with Alexa voice control and customizable colors. Russ Henneberry, Founder at theCLIKK.com
  5. MacBook — "I couldn't work without mine." John Forde
  6. Apple Music Subscription — For mellowing out to Mozart, paired with a fine tequila. Mark Ford, Copywriter, Author
  7. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer — With an auto on/off switch, it's essential for long days at the desk. Jessica Andrews
  8. Small Space Personal Mini Heater — "I froze in a corporate cube for years. Now I run my own office, which means ain't nobody gonna tell me I can't have a heater at my desk. I have TWO heaters now, but this $22 Amazon Basics one is my go-to option." Jen Adams
  9. The 360 Electrical PowerCurve Surge Protector — Five rotating outlets and 1,080 joules of surge protection keep all your precious gadgets humming safely. Nan Hughes, Content Writer, Editor
  10. AWAI's Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days — For the DIY freelancer. This step-by-step course walks you through all the essential parts of a professional site to show off your skills to potential clients. One member even said that "completing this program was one of the best decisions I've made for my business to date." We can't argue with that. Andrew Mikowski

What are your must-haves to stay motivated, productive, or just plain comfy while writing? Share with us in the comments … We'd love to hear about your favorites!

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Published: December 1, 2020

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