Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Write the Next Chapter of Your Life

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

This Write Now! prompt will help you focus on being in control of every facet of your life … as a parent, spouse, or copywriter.

Lori Allen, Director of Great Escape Publishing, believes in taking charge of every aspect of your life in order for each chapter to end the way you want it to. (Or read the transcript below.)

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Hi. I'm Lori Allen, from Great Escape Publishing. Today’s writing prompt is gonna be a little more lifestyle driven.

I’m a publisher and also the mom of two.

Sometimes I forget who’s in control; so today’s writing prompt is about your life.

If your life is a book, then why did you put this chapter here? Today, I want you to write what your chapter would look like if you actually took the time to write it and maybe what your next chapter would look like if you took the time to write that. Because if you don’t write it, somebody else will for you.

Now, I want you to do it for yourself. It will be your boss, or your spouse, or your children. Someone will stand up and write that chapter for you.

So now, I want you to do it for yourself.

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Published: September 20, 2017

62 Responses to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Write the Next Chapter of Your Life [video]”

  1. There was a door,that I had yet to find. I looked. I went so many miles my odometer spun right out of the car. Surely I had missed the exit, wrote the wrong directions. I knew the door existed . I was told by people who ought to know,but like Eli I wandered far with no end. Never finding The door that led to peace The earth was scorched. Each door singed or welded shut. Like Bobby in Dallas, after a terrible season he wakes up from a very bad dream. I wanted the door that led to peace , home, rest, restoration of all. I had lost

    Guest (Jane Austen)

  2. Besides being a pretty darn good cook, I can claim quite a few other designations: a wife of 40+ years married to the same man, a mother of four, a professional nurse, a teacher of students ranging from Kindergarten through college-level, a watercolorist, a gardener, a seamstress when necessary, a sometimes-musician, an avid lover of Nature, and a friend.
    Jack-of-all-trades, perhaps master of none, but satisfying and gratifying.
    I just retired (sort of) and need a plan to keep all of this alive.


  3. Hi Lori, I quickly wrote my first chapter of my Solitary Peaceful Life and gracefully wrote the last chapter of my empathetic life story that's mild like a sirens. My mind is calmer while I used imagination to explain the next actions as a Motion Picture. As a writer, I'm more confident knowing as long as a use all of the writing prompts, I'll never experience writer's block enhancing my strong writing ability pertained to my script.

    Always Writing,

    Internal Intelligence Agency LLC

    Internal Intelligence 1

  4. Becoming a writer wasn't in my plans at all. I do love to read and writing has become a passion that I want to explore and experience hands on. Understanding the proper format of writing is a must to get your point across to your reader. I have worked in the industrial environment for quite some time and I want to change my way of making money into a more less physical stress to my body.

    Raul Valadez Rayas

  5. This chapter of my life would be, I am so tired. I am a full time unpaid caregiver and I am in my 19th year of it. I have been many other things and in fact I am writing a book about it. My family will probably be the only ones who read it, but that's OK. I can live with that. My next chapter will be that I am a writer and will be able to have a retirement. And write more books...and copywrite.


  6. When I was a little girl elders used to ask me “Little girl, what would you want to be when you grow up?” They will pinch my chubby cheeks which happened a lot (until I started biting fingers, lol). I think it was because of my chubby cheeks and two big deep dimples that they can’t help them selves. But make me cry.
    That question stuck in my mind forever! Geez Riz! I said to myself, at this age I still don’t know.
    The next chapter is Living the life where I meant to be. Commanding my destiny!


  7. Today I'm a caregiver. I've been through some sharp and sudden changes in my life. The one thing that has helped me again and again is education, self-learning. I have to be realistic and accept that being a caregiver is part and parcel of my life. In my next chapter in life I would like to build a better quality of life, more secure financial future. I want a better balance between care giving and time and space for myself. I'd like to explore copywriting for all these reasons.


  8. My next chapter consists of me not worrying about rent because I am copywriting now. Learning how to utilize all the writing tips to write my own copy for my Business now. Enjoying being a part of others journey to healing. Speaking publicly about my journey with wellness and weight loss. I’m no longer 330lbs, healthy, and strong. Living my life to the fullest. Enjoying the freedom of having time to care for me, my quality of life and sharing with others the many ways that they can heal themselves.


  9. I am not a writer, at least not that creative kind that can just sit down and peck away on the computer. And, truth be told, I have no interest in writing books or anything like that.
    But luckily for me, I am a selfish person. A person who wants to have more than just a life of maintenance.
    Somebody told me that copywriting is not creative writing, its mechanical.
    Do you know what this means?
    If it's mechanical then a non-writer can learn it!
    And if I can learn it, then maybe... just maybe I can write my way out of poverty.

    Guest (Kendrick )

  10. As of now I am a retired teacher making wreaths and other little crafts. I have lots of blessings in my life, but I would like to have some extra money to travel or buy lovely clothes or expand my craft shop.
    I choose to join AWAI to make some extra money doing something I have always liked to do.Copywriter seems perfect for me.
    Hopefully this will bring in about $1,000 a month or so to help with extras. I am quite excited to think about writing emails to make sales.
    Hurray for extra money!!

    Cathy Willis

  11. What does the next chapter in my life hold for me? In so many ways, it is a mystery unfolding with every page turned! There will be so much happening that isn’t within my control yet, I can tell you there will be so much that is! Learning something new with an air of familiarity already established is the path that I intend to take with AIWA. I have always loved writing and I hope this new chapter is enjoyable as well as a profitable one!

    Debbie Viegut

  12. After years of feeling pulled to write professionally, the tug won. I finally opened an email from the Barefoot Writers Club. I had not unsubscribed from the email list only because I was sure that one day, I would respond. And, since I did, I have been slowly being consumed by the content of what has become available to me. Somehow it led to a message on Instagram asking if I was interested in a Work From Home opportunity. And, now I have been offered a job making twice what I do now. Next?!


  13. Here we are in my new home, working as life coach; Having a nice life with my husband and our two kids! How did I get here? It was three years ago, when I decided to quit my job and start a new business by my own, it was scary at the beginning, I remember when I was no able to write my articles for my webpage blog. Then I found my courage and started to writing, bringing in my first client; then the second one, and so on. I started to grow and let me help a lot of people to create their own success.

    Barbara Vazquez

  14. Today I woke up with optimism, I must have dreamt I conquered the world.

    Several months ago I was searching for something to move me to the next chapter of my life. Life had become a monotony of home, work, weekend and it had begun to weigh on me.

    That was the beginning of my search for my ‘next thing’ and my own self-discovery. I finally found my heart, when I remember how I enjoyed writing copy for a small business I once worked for.

    This lit the fire in me, and I knew I needed up-to date training as the market had surely changed.

    So walk with me throughout my next chapter as I rediscover copywriting, scrape cash to finish a copywriting program and the true freedom am optimistic about.



    My mother passed the message to me that Mario wanted to have a Business Meeting with me at the Tampa, FL Extended Stay Of America to discuss something. When I caught the Amtrak Train to Tampa, FL, energetic and laid - back Mario drove to on Nebraska Have then picked me up at the bus stop. He was so eager to assist me, I didn't know what he wanted because amongst my meaningful travels he never drove to the bus stop to pick me up?


  16. This was crazy...while the rest of the world was going to shit, somehow it was going well for Sean. He stumbled into copywriting and it turn out to be the best thing for him to help him achieve his goals. So for months he applied himself learning as much as possible through books, courses and YouTube videos. And then out of the blue it seemed the perfect opportunity came across his desk. From that moment on everything seemed to changed and for the better.

    Sean F

  17. My past life was all insurance. I was an agent for 5 years and a District sales manager for 20 years.
    I have always liked to write, but never had the time. However, my # 1 hobby is reading and my favorite authors are John Le Carre and John Grisham.
    Last month, I received the classic email from AWAI: If you can write a letter like this... so here I am. I am pretty excited but I do not know how long the excitement will last. I can't wait to tell my old friends that I am now a copywriter.
    Hopefully, I can make some money.


  18. What if today was different

    Today was much like any other day, tomorrow will be the same as today, the next day much like any day.
    In between the mundane I often think what if today was different. What if I didn’t need to go to work, what if no alarm clock woke me up, what if today I could go on a vacation for however long I wanted.
    As I write the next chapter of my life it would include extra time to study, learn and apply. To push into the next chapter where, the what if today was different, was a reality.

    Guest (Bill McCraney)

  19. We have a dream to move to upstate New York. fixed up the run down old house, what once was deemed habitable is now considered beautiful. We then put the house up on the market and it sold for $320,000. Our dream is coming closer to our grasp, now it is time to find our dream home. As we are house hunting we come across a giant single story home that sits right on a lake! A nature enthusiasts dream! And the best part is that I make my living writing blogs from home!


  20. In this chapter I face a dilemma. Do I go back to work and a safe paycheck after a long Covid-19 lockdown or struggle as a new writer. Weighing the pros and cons I decide to live the writer's life creating my own schedule and inspiring others with my words. After all, what could go wrong?
    The next chapter reveals what goes wrong, but in the end how I handle success and share my abundance.

    D Kirby

  21. What a question!

    I put this chapter in the book of MY LIFE to excel at something that brings deep meaning to me. I like to think all the previous chapters of my life brought me to this point: the fruition of a mind trained to optimize the written word for sales.

    I am also including in the next chapter values I carry in this one: truth, kindness paid forward, celebration and positivity. What this looks like, God only knows! But I am quite comfortable today with what I have arrived at.


  22. I’ve always wanted to write, but because I was in the Insurance business, never really had the time to write. I now have the time, and recently started AWAI’s “Accelerated Program.” Something I have always thought was unfair is why the minority population pay twice Or three times as much, on auto insurance, and experience more bankruptcies. Financial literacy is clearly lacking in these communities. With the help of AWAI’s Copy Chief, my goal is to start blogging on those topics. Thank you AWAI.


  23. Currently I live a glorified camping lifestyle on a sailboat with my boyfriend in envied Santa Barbara, CA. Though not in debt, I’m not making the income I’d like. I don’t need much to be happy, but I also don’t want to work for other people to make a living.

    This current chapter needs to be about making the causes to create content that can independently support the nomadic, adventurous lifestyle I crave to share with my partner. Time, dedication and creative effort needs to be put in so that I can manifest the abundant income machine I desire when living the next Chapter.

    Post-pandemic, the next chapter looks like us working remotely and living nomadically around the world. And saving for retirement of course.

    Guest (Ariel Rubin Freelance)

  24. I am a mom, a wife, and a pet owner. I have a degree in Automotive Technology. I have been a fitness instructor, school teacher, prison guard, and have experienced several other professions. This appealed to me, because it looks like a career I can get into and change when I get bored. I have a lot of interests, and I want to do something that can encompass all of them. That's not to say that I will be distracted by "shiny objects". I tend to want to finish or master one thing before I move on to another.

    S Wallace

  25. In the prime of my youth, anything was possible. At least, that's what everyone always said. "You can be anything, do anything you want." Better yet, I had time to figure it out. I didn't have to decide right then.

    Flash forward to my thirties, and I'm a college dropout who never quite figured out what to do. I fell into a career for which I didn't train and have no passion. But it pays well, it's steady and always in demand.

    And I'm immensely unhappy.

    Guest (OEO)

  26. I was never really the 'holiday-type'. I just thought it was a waste of money
    (despite my family constantly urging me to join them). One Summer I decided to go.. Since then I have NEVER looked back! What was it? Well, apart from being with family (oh, and the cocktails of course!) - it was the FREEDOM I felt being away from a job I increasingly didn't want to go back to. I now wanted the freedom to work from 'home'- for myself...

    ..Enter, AWAI Copywriting! I'm about to embark on a whole NEW journey!
    Watch this space...

    Guest (Fidel)

  27. Like many, this has been the most turbulent year of my life. Everything that previously brought me a sense of normalcy has been ripped away from me – My partner, my living space, my pets, my job.

    Through the hardship, I have been forced to search through every corner of my inner being to discover myself again. What is this all teaching me? What earthly things bring me joy? What am I meant to do with this life?

    It was painful and tedious. Like untying a tangled mess of knots.

    Now, I’m disentangling those knots to learn how to braid a rope. With this rope, fueled by copywriting knowledge and the ambition to be my own boss, I hope to climb my way up to the creative and flexible lifestyle I have always wanted.

    Guest (Nanda)

  28. Chapter Title: Retirement Wow, it has been a whole year since I retired from 20+ years of nursing.

    within this past year, I have experienced some significant events, moving to another state, becoming the caregiver for my 88yr. old mother who has dementia and dealing with the fallout from COVID-19. The year 2020 is almost gone, the question for me is what's next?

    With the year 2020 behind me, I have made the life-changing decision to take control of my future, the next chapter will see me pursuing my love of writing. By the end of this month, I will have completed the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and in January 2021 will be on my way to using my love of writing to pursue a career in copywriting.


  29. The current chapter of my life includes managing a medical office through a pandemic. This means long days and constant high level stress. After some self reflection and time spent with my family I have decided to create a NEW chapter for what comes next! I am learning all that I can about about copywriting and sales. My plan is to quit my full time job to work remotely on my own schedule! No more work emails at 2 am. No more waking up to sick calls! I choose JOY! I will actually get to spend time with my children rather than just one day each weekend. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS CHAPTER!

    Katie A

  30. She emerged from the pandemic transformed. Always emphasizing health, home, and family, the focus is more profound now than ever before. The year behind was a stark reminder of how valuable time is and how quickly it passes. She left a secure job; it offered a regular paycheck, but didn't keep her busy or fulfill her in any way. Approaching her next life cycle, she is determined to start living the life she's consistently wanted: writing in her home office, practicing yoga on her front porch, on property with acreage to farm, living and eating clean, surrounded by family and making a difference!

    Sara Scribes

  31. Dilemmas have always been my ghostwriters. Dilemmas and Catch-22s. I owe half my life to them. Fascinating storytellers!
    One good thing about dilemmas though, is that they dry out like an oasis. Eventually. However, they do leave behind crude decisions, nomadic businesses, and miraged life lessons.
    Dilemmas are my domain. I’ll keep battling them, whether they are about choosing a path or letting go of one. Thankfully, every such battle has forged me stronger than before. And every time I’ve wondered what I’m supposed to do with that newfound strength. And every single time, the strength has solidified to become a dagger to help me fight the next dilemma.
    They say you can’t ride two camels with one butt, right? Yes, you can.

    Guest (Palash)

  32. Arise to the smell of coffee, my husband is the sweetest to let me sleep in. Well not time for sleep I have clients to attend to and mani and pedi appointments to get to. I love my kids but momma needs a year to herself. I finish up with my clients and catch the next flight to somewhere that the food is outstanding and the stores never close. Lunch was great and the hubby and kids are fine. I step into the spa and wake up the next hour fully relaxed.


  33. Why am I so indecisive? Is this chapter in my life going to look like so many before it? I lay on bed staring up at the blank ceiling with my mind bouncing too and fro like a yo-yo. That little inner voice screaming "do whats right for you" and then the common sense voice pricking my conscience "Really? think of your family." I throw back the duvet and jump to my feet - this is my life. I pull out the suitcase - throw in a few things, grab my car keys and my passport. I'm outta here.

    Call me Kate

  34. "Write the Next Chapter of your Life!" Very inspirational and I always love hearing how people step out of their comfort zone and take a risk! Thank you AWAI for giving people an opportunity to learn and become better at living their life!

    Marlene Neher

  35. Today, I am a man who flunked out of college three times. A well-known quitter and who finished nothing. A man who always accepted mediocrity because he felt that greatness was too hard.

    I have always wanted to be a writer, but my grammar is not that good. My writing would always sound bad and I could never quite figure out why. Now I know it’s because I always thought I couldn’t write anything good. Being a quitter does that to you.

    The next chapter of my life will be me living as a 6 figure copywriter. I will accept failure as a stepping stone and rejection as a chance to try again, except with wiser decisions. No longer will I run from the hard thing. I will embrace it because it can only make me grow.

    The Stoic Copywriter

  36. I had just come out of one of the most daunting challenges of my life. Things were beginning to look up I was finally on my way! The work started slow, but as I learned, so did my client base. It was hard, making sure the kids had an adequate amount of education opportunities, work was done until my income was replaced, and educating myself as much and often as I could. It was worth every hard moment, as I now sit here in this beautiful cabin listening to my children's laughs. It was all worth it.


  37. I had just come out of one of the most daunting challenges of my life. Things were beginning to look up I was finally on my way! The work started slow, but as I learned, so did my client base. It was hard, making sure the kids had an adequate amount of education opportunities, work was done until my income was replaced, and educating myself as much and often as I could. It was worth every hard moment, as I now sit here in this beautiful cabin listening to my children's laughs. It was all worth it.


  38. I’m on a journey. I’m in transition. No longer wanting to stay back there but apprehensive about what’s ahead. The unknown is scary. I know I can’t stay in between and I believe that what’s ahead is going to be better. I can’t keep looking back and I can’t keep playing the “what if” game. My inner knowing is telling me I can do it. I will reach my goal. I just have to take that first step and keep moving forward. It’s up to me and me alone. It’s my journey, but I know I’m not alone.

    Guest (Lori)

  39. I've been retired for 15 years and have been writing steadily for the past 5. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. Each day is a new adventure in learning and living.
    Now I'm learning copywriting with AWAI. My goal is to write for the construction industry and offer my expertise from 30 years as a General Building Contractor. I love this business. Had I known about it years ago...Oh well the past is gone and only the present is ours to have.


  40. I have always viewed my life in chapters. The first being the education chapters. Second the Family chapters. Third would be the working chapters and finally the chapter I am in now. All I worked at and for is here in its entirety. Now I can start this new chapter doing what I desire. That is traveling to new places and writing and drawing them. Its where I am now with stories from a dozen different places waiting to be published. Hope this chapter last a long time as I love it.


  41. I am living in a transitionary period of my life right now. I do not know where this journey of life will take me, but I will remain hopeful and keep my head down. I know my values and if I can find a way to live according to these values I will be a happy man. I am the one behind the wheel, and as long as this is the case, I will figure out what I need to.

    Trevor T

  42. I am a writer and blogger.I love to write.If I were to write book and put a chapter of my life in that book,I would explain my journey to AWAI and Barefoot Writers in a chapter.I am here now and I wish I had made decision to join the organization five years ago, I can attest, I could have changed the entire trajectory, of my writing career in a day.As I continue reading and interacting with content on the website,I can see a clear picture of my friend telling me,that if I hope to live in Kenya as a Writer, then I be ready die poor.Now I can prove him wrong.I just needed an opportunity to write.

    Kosiyae Yussuf

  43. This concept is easy for me to relate to, I've long thought of life as consisting of many short chapters. This new chapter is what naturally follows the last one. That chapter was quite a long one-"The Frustrating, Seeking & Searching Years." This new chapter will be focused & abundant. I am fully committed to my writer's life. This focused way will be the central theme in the remaining chapters, until the last one. How exciting to NOT know how the chapters of your life will unfold! Isn't it wonderful.


  44. This chapter is an incredibly important one. A pivot towards something bigger than I could have ever imagined. A formative point in my life that put me on the path to a brighter future. Without this chapter, the struggles of the young adult life and navigating it alone would be missed and therefore a piece of me. This chapter sets the foundation for the next chapter, a new life.


  45. When I first thought about what I wanted to do with my life, my first choice wasn’t to be a business owner. For a large portion of my life, I had one career goal that I worked towards. I wanted to be a Journalist. I had no clue why I was so passionate about being a Journalist but looking back, I have the answer. What I loved wasn’t the career itself. What I loved was writing. I love writing, it is the one passion I have been true to all my life.

    Winner Shoniran

  46. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for those who love me, I moved to Austin, TX, home to mouth-watering barbeque, P. Terry's and the States' largest BAT COLONY. To add pressure to an already tense situation, talking to my family was ruled out. Why? Pressure makes diamonds, baby. (and I needed a break!) The thing about not talking to them is that I am seeing myself in a new light. Learning about yourself pays BIG dividends for the rest of your life.

    The next chapter of my life includes healing trauma... and becoming a freelance copywriter taking my career to the next level!

    Guest (Brandon Grill)

  47. My life has been a bit of Fantasy, SciFi, & RomCom, rolled into one. Who knows where it will go! I walked away from a 39-year marriage, a huge home, in a resort community because I was unhappy & felt unappreciated. Call me selfish but I had given all I had, never being replenished.
    Today I live in a 375 sq.ft RV, travel wherever I want, whenever I want, & meet amazing people.
    What I’ve learned-you buy STUFF. You can hold stuff, but what you hold in your heart & your memory makes for happiness.


  48. The next chapter of my life.

    My first life chapter was in Japan.
    It was a happy and prosperous year. But something was missing. Something New, Courageous!
    I moved to the USA and worked till retirement age. It was the second chapter of my life. Now 3rd part of my life journey has started.
    Now it is time for me to relax and do what I like.
    I knocked on the door of AWAI about six months ago, still learning very hard to be a capable copywriter as native English-speaking people.



  49. "When your the first Domino, you initiate connections, ideas, relationships, business, and more. You become the type of person that others always want to answer the phone for". - Joe Polish, Philosophy. I'd be the first Domino.

    If I actually took the time to write I would have a stream of interesting projects. I wouldn't need to hunt for prospective clients. I would be booked up with some of the best and notable clients. I would be well connected with a great network.

    PT Barnum

  50. I love the thought that we can write our own chapters, but I must say that has not been my experience. But I know it's true, even if my life seems to be under someone else's control. Maybe circumstance, lack of vision, a dearth of faith, hope deferred, whatever, my current chapter is difficult. Yet great beauty & joy famously emerge from deep sorrow & trial. Writing the vision is very important, nothing is impossible with God & according as we believe it is done unto us. So let us write!


  51. I wake up every day half an hour early before everyone to prepare meals for my school-going daughter, and then after she leaves, my hustle starts. Make breakfast for the husband, serve him on a platter nicely decorated, and then I am supposed to eat the last. Why so am I a machine or a maid? Why can't I be served first or put first above everyone else? Because I am a woman who plays multiple roles, should I lose my identity? After morning breakfast, dishes, laundry, cleaning, and then later comes my own me-time. This time involves me working on my laptop, learning, looking for jobs, and some kinds of stuff that could get me some financial independence.
    Often, I feel my life's control is in someone else's hand.


  52. Hi, it’s me, the elementary sub-teacher with a marketing degree. 5 years ago when I was entering college, I never thought I would end up becoming a sub-teacher. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but it’s just not what I ever wanted to do as a career. My biggest dream is to work in marketing, that’s why I’ve been investing in myself. I’d hate to look back on my life 5 years from now and find myself exactly where I am today. 6 months from now, I imagine myself quitting my teaching job to become a full-time copywriter and doubling my current income.

    Guest (Copythat)

  53. Today I am a mom and a wife. My husband is in his dream profession as an EMT, who works between fifty-five to eighty hours a week. We have struggled for years with just the basics.
    The next chapter in my life will be where we don’t struggle. I don’t want to just have the basics in my life anymore. We want a house, two vehicles, and to go on vacations. I want my family to have adventures and experience life. The next chapter in my life would be for my children, my husband, and I to struggle on where we go next on vacation, not on what bill we can pay today.

    Carrie Rene

  54. Turning the page onto the next chapter in my life, I wake up to a world of no alarm clock. I'm awakened instead by my passions surrounding health, financial independence, great relationships, sports (especially soccer), and all bolstered by this wonderful new world of copywriting. In the morning, I would start by reading a bit of the current book that sparks my interest, gratitude practice, reviewing my goals, and then hitting the gym. After the gym, copywriting takes center stage as I pour myself into the projects and clients. Depending on the day, I'll play some soccer in the evening and then spend some time with loved ones. Travel somewhere new or engage in a unique experience each month without incurring any debt. My next chapter...


  55. It's going to be different this time. I’m going to enter a field that I actually enjoy being a part of. Not only that, but I will afford financial freedom and provide my family with the life I have always dreamed of for them. My husband won’t have to kill himself working long hours in the egregious heat and my future children will pursue whatever path they desire for themselves, without the restraint of financial uncertainty. I can take them on vacations, spend quality time with them, and provide them with a clean, loving home where cherished memories will be made. I won’t allow previous mistakes to hinder me from pursuing a future that I want and that I know is what is good for my family.


  56. My chapter will be about having a writing job and getting a lot of money from it. Next, I want to pass my driving test and finally getting my own car! I can drive whenever I want to and wherever I feel. Then, I would publish all the books I've ever wanted to publish and get a lot of sales.

    When I get my own house. I would have my own office where it’s all about writing. Journals everywhere, my desk, my computer, and a new freaking bookcase that won’t collapse on me! As for my bedroom, I hopefully will get a walk-in closet. But if my bedroom is big enough, it could also be an office just like my mom’s.

    If my family wrote this chapter for me, they'd probably want the same thing as well as me getting married. I wouldn't mind that either.

    Leslie Loo

  57. On to the chapter 27 the next part in my life where I’m now a copywriter. I’m a stay at home mom with a two year old who talks and eat a lot plus here also my husband. I’m expecting this copywriting job to take off for me while I’m girthing my education to become a lawyer. Yes the next chapter in my life is graduating knowing I have accomplishments. Doing this all for my son. One day he’s gonna be able to write his part in my book to say I’m proud of you momma. I always have been I love you from the bottom of my heart.


  58. Catherine’s new chapter had her leaving her job moving to Maryland to help with her father's care. The goal is to sell the house and move him to Washington. Catherine typically speaks of this as a task of love and a privilege.
    The next chapter will have the heroine, Catherine, manifesting, working, taking risks, moving forward, a step or two back, being clear, being brave in the arms of fear, sweating and panting, floating and flowing, into the life of creativity, design, painting and drawing, writing, copywriting, creating a bloody minded relationship with money, loving her friends and family, eschewing all language of victimhood, and leaving things better than she found them. This will be a long chapter with many colours.


  59. I've known about copywriting and blogging for almost two years. But to a certain reason, I've procrastinated to become a writer.
    But from now, I'd like to write the next chapter for the story of my life - becoming a copywriter, and give value and wealth to my audience and my clients.
    I also want to live a more fulfill life, no more 2-hour commute to work everyday, look at my boss face and stay late everyday in the office.
    Just sit down, relax and write! That's my next destination.

    Guest (Phuong)

  60. 2022 was a bad chapter. It included a health forced retirement, a broken hand, heart failure, five days in the hospital, loss of a beloved pet, and another broken finger. I spent 2023 recovering, losing 100 pounds, become active and healing. Those are past chapters.
    My future chapters will be filled with all of the things I've always wanted to do. The adventure of riding a zip line, the energy of exercising and activities and the satisfaction of writing. So much life left.

    Kathy Hyer

  61. This chapter will dig into the lessons learned in the year until my last birthday – three days ago – and how I intend to use them in the year ahead. These lessons involve boundaries, managing difficult relationships, and pursuing purpose.
    The biggest lesson is how profoundly I can impact a person and an environment.
    Secondly, the importance of patience: with myself and others.
    Third is to have no shame or hesitation with standing up for myself.
    Fourth is about letting go in order to heal.

    Copy By Melissa

  62. Initially, I wrote the second paragraph as the opening for this chapter (in a moment that’ll make sense). Though shortly after writing it, I became conscious of the fact I wasn’t being upfront. To myself that is! Because frankly, what I want more than ever is some actual damn career success. Make a 100k within a year and work 80 damn hours a week to get it. I’m single, passionate and capable. Let’s go baby.

    Only after that, a period of realisation where I learn to live through the days more slowly, with a conscious presence and a strong conviction that I’m heading in the direction that’s good for me. To strike balance and set boundaries. A healthy evenness in consumption in booze, exercise and finances.


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