Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
Revealed: The Emerging "Creator Economy"
How Writers Can Develop a Lucrative Side Income Creating Their Own Information Products

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Writing for clients is a great way to build a five- or six-figure career. But you can also create your own "clientless" path to well-paid writing through today's fast growing "Creator Economy," where there are unlimited opportunities to create your own information style products that share your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

In this Inside AWAI webinar and Q&A session with AWAI's Copy Chief Sandy Franks and Learning Chief Pam Foster, Revealed: Emerging "Creator Economy" Ways to Make Money as a Writer … you'll discover FIVE different, proven models that are helping writers develop a lucrative side income thanks to today's digital world.

These models all have one thing in common: you're writing for yourself.

You’ll be building your OWN assets, audience, and income over time in very exciting ways. And keeping all the profits for yourself.

See how each method works and how you can turn almost any idea into a thriving business all centered around your writing skills. With these opportunities, YOU have all the power as a writer!

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