Help with Logging In

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Where do you want to go?

There are a few different places to login at AWAI, but the same username and password won’t work everywhere:

  • myAWAI

    Login to myAWAI for access to most AWAI programs. Use the email address you entered when registering or placing an order. If you don’t know your password, just click here, enter your email address in the box, and click the button to request it.

    Note: also uses your myAWAI login.

    Tip: Your password is case sensitive. A lower-case letter ‘a’ is not the same as an upper-case letter ‘A’, and one may work while the other does not.

    Your myAWAI username and password will only work when you see “myAWAI” on the login form. Otherwise, you might need one of these other logins:

  • Other Membership Sites (WWW, BWS, PWA)

    Some AWAI memberships include access to additional member websites with their own username and password. If you know your login for each site, you can go straight to Wealthy Web Writer, B2B Writing Success, or The Professional Writers’ Alliance.

    But the easiest place to start is by just logging into your myAWAI account. There you can see each AWAI membership site you belong to, along with a username reminder and a link to activate your access if you don’t yet have a password.

Need More Help?

New Member Orientation

If you’re new to AWAI you can join us each month for a New Member Orientation. During these live webinars, Katie Yeakle, Barb Hume and Rebecca Matter walk you through the many resources and tools available to you.

They will answer any questions you may have about AWAI, the programs offered, achieving your goals, and anything else you’d like to ask about achieving your dream of living the writer’s life.

Here is a recorded webinar of this Orientation, in case you wish to view the material before the next live session.

Contact Us

If none of this solves things for you please contact us, detailing your problem, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.