Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Amanda Sprinker

Amanda Sprinker

Location: Tacoma, WA
Professions: Copywriter
Specialties: Health, Self-Help

Professional Background:

My background is quite sports coaching heavy. I wanted to be in events, or at the very least some corporate marketing job. But I couldn't quite pull myself away from the feeling of a new season starting and the rewarding challenges that came with pushing my high school athletes to achieve their goals.
I've had other "day jobs" in the fitness industry, events, and recruiting, but once the season started, my employers could see where my heart truly was.
The most common piece of feedback I would get from those employers was how well I wrote copy for them (always with a hint of surprise, I might add!). From gym newsletters to social media posts to recruiting emails, I focus on the client's message and brand, but most importantly, the end reader.
I like writing call-to-action pieces, anything that inspires others to achieve their goals. But don't put me in a box! I like to challenge myself with something new, and who knows, I might (pleasantly) surprise you!

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