Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Kristen Morris

Kristen Morris

Location: Farmington Hills, MI
Professions: Copywriter, Researcher
Specialties: Catalog, Health, Web/Internet

Professional Background:

Perusing for a native language proofreader, copy editor, researcher or copywriter and are in the health or wellness industries? Then you’ve come to the right person. Sixteen years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a dear friend introduce me to the limitless possibilities of healing through alternative health and nutrition therapies. Over the years I have incorporated several different therapies into my daily life. I can relate and connect with your customers, simply because I am one of your customers.

I have a clear understanding in:
*Mind/Body Therapies
*Chinese Medicine Therapies
*Crystal Therapies (Melody certified)
*Energy Therapies
*Spiritual Therapies
*Manipulative and Body -Based Methods
*Herbal Therapies
*Natural Animal Health Products & Services

Great content writing is what allows us to connect. You want to connect with your customer and I can help you do that by translating your product/service into words that connect you with your customer and converts into sales. As a copywriter trained by AWAI, you can feel confident you'll receive high-quality writing projects that will connect you with your customers.

With a combined 25 years’ experience in the Healthcare industry, Customer Service and Marketing plus 16 years of personal experience in alternative health, I can help you connect with your customers through the following projects:

Native Language Proofreader/Editor
Case studies
Press Releases
Website audit

So what are you waiting for, put all this knowledge to good use and let me help you connect!

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