Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Jeffrey Traister

Jeffrey Traister

Location: Palm Beach, FL
Professions: Copywriter, Publicist
Specialties: B-to-B, Fundraising, Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Professional Background:

Meet a Writer with Super Selling Powers to
Skyrocket Your Sales to New Heights!

Discover Why Jeff Traister Is The Freelance Copywriter You Need To…
…Turn Your Prospects Into Bona Fide Loyal Clients

I write copy that sells. When you have me on your team, I’ll write copy that sells your products and services.

You’ll get a veteran American Writers and Artists trained copywriter that knows how to write copy to attract readers and compel them to act.

You’ll also get a copywriter to write direct marketing copy, video sales letters, email auto-responders and B2B copy that deliver results.

Plus I write killer copy for websites that can induce visitors to buy from you.

And I write newsletters, blogs, white papers and success stories to build your credibility and referrals.

Call me at 561-228-1600 to grow your sales.

Jeff Traister

P.S. In less than 30 days you could have persuasive copy that can skyrocket your sales to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Call me now.

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