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Frank Eaton

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Background: Over 27 years experience in the information technology industry involving engineering, marketing, market development, business to business (B2B), enterprise management, performance, automation, client/server, voice and data communications, workstation technology, and networking.

Strong knowledge of the technical industry with a unique style of writing and presentation skills for technical and non-technical audiences. Strong emphasis on business development, B2B, catalog development, product adoption, revenue generation, customer service and support.

Over 7 years experience in marketing, copywriting, website content, catalog content, and banner advertisements. Currently trained at the master’s level in copywriting and marketing by American Writers and Artists, Inc (AWAI). Also trained by a Fortune 100 computer company in marketing, branding, and partner engaging assignments including case studies, success stories, press releases, B2B catalogs, website content, and internet marketing.


  • Presentations, Speeches, Public Relations (how to gather the right audience together to hear what you have to say)
  • Case Studies, Success Stories, and Press Releases (how to get the message out of what you do and why?)
  • Blogs, Newsletters, E-Zines (how to capture today's use of the trade journal on the internet)
  • E-mails that are read (quick and cheapest way to promote your business to your customers and prospects)
  • Advertising (be everywhere and draw more to your business)
  • Social Networking in B2B. (Can this work for you?)
  • Trade Show activities (how to show them what you have and get them coming back for more)
  • Competitive Materials, Brochures, Catalogs, Sales Collaterals (get the best sales materials to your audience)
  • Engineering features, functions, and benefits in layman's terms (get your technical messages out to everyone)
  • Website consultation (how to get your most visible item to work for you and bring more prospects to your offerings)

Specialties: Business-To-Business, Catalogs, Information Marketing. Information Technology (IT), Boating, Sports, Music.

Clients Served: Sun Microsystems, Bob Bly Center for Technical Communication (CTC)

Fees: Marketers please request a quote.


Payment Schedule: 30% down payment, 30% first draft, 10% edits, 30% final

Lead Time: Depending on the project; 2-4 weeks minimum.

Awards: Board of Directors, IFX Forum Bank-to-Bank Standards Organization (2003 - 2006), WHO's WHO of Professional Management (B2B International Registry June 2003), WHO's WHO of Professionals and Executives (Lexington Registry 1999), WHO's WHO of Business Professionals (Citation Registry 1993)

Additional Articles: An eBook written for Bob Bly “Writing High Tech and B2B Copy for Fun and Profit” is at http://www.b2bcopycoach.com/


"Frank's knowledge and experience in High Tech B2B is at the highest level and it shows in the work he produces". 

– Bob Bly, AWAI's 2007 Copywriter of the Year

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