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If You’re Certain You Want to Make a Living as a Writer …

Master every element of a full-blown marketing campaign … including the core sales letter … with a 28-year direct response veteran as your copy chief. You’ll learn from working A-list copywriters like Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and Carline Anglade-Cole. And you’ll get in front of great potential clients like The Oxford Club, International Living, and NewMarket Health.

Turn Your Copywriting Dreams Into Reality In Just 3 Days

If you’re serious about taking your copywriting success to the next level — AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is the one event you need to attend to give your copywriting career the kick-start you’ve been looking for. And for a limited time, you can save BIG on your registration fee.

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Members Find Copywriter Success with Advanced Training

Advanced Training copywriters are learning the skills they need to land high-paying clients and enjoy copywriter success.

Discover AWAI's Ground-Breaking Program - With a Lifetime of Learning!

Last year AWAI launched their Advance Training Program...and many AWAI members who participated then launched their freelance careers! The course has ended, but the chance to take advantage of this beta test price hasn't quite yet. Read here for more details - and to see what participants have to say about their success with the training.

How I Gained Real-World Copywriting Experience for Clients Guided by Mentors

Ricki Linksman sent us this note about her experiences with our Advanced Training program … and frankly, we’re still blushing. Thank you, Ricki, for sharing your perspective and your kind words. We know starting a whole new career is a big deal, and we appreciate how you’ve jumped in wholeheartedly to build a brand-new writer’s life! We’re sure you’ll be very successful.

Be a Paid Writer, Without Clients – Last Call!

It's not too late to save $150 and let Nick Usborne show you how to start your very own Money-Making Website this Summer. And AWAI has some incentive for you too...but this offer is ending soon - so get all the details and sign up now!

The Copywriting Job With No Clients

You can make a steady monthly income with this copywriting job that’s based around an easy-to-set-up online business — no technical know-how needed.

Build a Website the Big Boys Can’t Compete With

It's important to choose a niche in copywriting, and you'll also want to narrow your focus when creating a website. If you missed our webinar on Money-Making Websites, go here to learn more about what Nick Usborne has to say - and how you can build your own website and start earning a passive income this Summer!

How to Make Money From a Money-Making Website

Thinking of building a money-making website but wondering exactly how it will make you money? Watch Nick Usborne's video here - and sign up now to save!

How to Build a Website and Make Money - Without Being Tech Savvy!

You don't need to have tech experience to build a website. And with Nick Usborne's Money-Making Websites program, you can write about what you love AND get this short video for more details - and sign up today to save!

Landing Copywriting Jobs with an Online Portfolio

Sharon Brodin uses her Money-Making Website to show off her copywriting chops and niche expertise to clients and land copywriting jobs.

Make Money Writing as a Freelancer, Without Having to Find Clients

Today, Nick Usborne answers the question “How do I find clients?” His answer: You don't need to find them.

[SPECIAL VIDEO MESSAGE] You CAN Find the Time You Need to Reach Your Goals

In order to reach our goals, it's often necessary to set priorities and manage time. Take a moment to hear this special message from Ted Capshaw - who is both a father and coach, and no stranger to achieving goals and helping others do the same.

A Writing Mega-Myth … BUSTED!

Imagine getting paid to write about the things you love...working for fun, turning your interests and hobbies into a passive income. This Tuesday Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne will host a FREE one-hour webinar, where they'll be joined by other AWAI members who have done just that - and will show you how you can too!

Do You Need a Formal English Education to be a Copywriter?

If you're new to copywriting - or AWAI - you may be wondering if you need to have a formal education or background in writing. Find out what Nick Usborne has to say in this video here.

Get Paid to Build Your Money-Making Website

Register today for the Money-Making Website program and you’ll save $150, get access to the 7-part training series and get to participate in our Incentive Program. Get the details here.

Member Lands Contract Copywriting Job

Less than a week after finishing the Virtual Business Building Intensive Cathy Catlin had landed her first copywriting job. And she’s been working with that client ever since.

Even More Help to Build Your Writing Business

The new and improved Professional Writers’ Alliance is designed to make it easier than ever to build your freelance writing business.

Makepeace Mastermind Alliance: How to Write No-Nonsense “Tough Guy Copy”

There’s a no-nonsense approach to copywriting that’s not often used. Clayton calls it “tough guy copy” … gritty but not insulting. Learn more …

Get Hired for Copywriting Jobs at Bootcamp

Bob Bly is back at Bootcamp, ready to pass on his most effective copywriting strategies and maybe even hire you for one of his copywriting jobs.

3 Pieces of Advice from Jen Adams’s Excellent Copywriting Adventure

Jen Adams didn’t always dream of being a copywriter, but it’s been an adventure. Now Managing Editor of The Professional Writers’ Alliance, she helps others on their journey.

Who Says Building a Copywriting Business Can’t Be Fun?

Building Your Copywriting Business Has Never Been So Much Fun! Check out AWAI's In-house Copywriter Tim Matassa's take on our Latest Inside AWAI call...and how your can build your freelance business - without clients!

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