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Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Marcia Yudkin

Marcia Yudkin shares why being true to yourself leads to the greatest writing wealth

How to Turn Your Own, Everyday Social Media Habits Into a Powerful New Source of Income

You probably use at least some form of social media every day. See what expert Nick Usborne has to say about how you can turn this daily habit into a powerful income source - and sign up for his Social Media Marketing Expert Program today!

Learn How to Be the Freelancer Who Gets the Gig

Today, businesses are evaluating freelancers based on this important qualification. Find out what it is in this 3-minute video by Web Expert Nick Usborne.

Bootcamp BUZZ Mid August 2017: Get Excited, Your Dining Options, Meet the Team

Welcome to the Mid August issue of Bootcamp Buzz! Inside you can meet the AWAI team, and find details on your sessions and, dining options, and more! Click here for all the exciting details.

Email Writing is One of the Best Copywriting Jobs

Make a healthy income with a very simple copywriting job: writing emails that get results for your clients.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Marianne Foscarini

Marianne Foscarini was preparing for a quiet retirement — but an unexpected phone call set her on the path to a successful new career.

Copywriter Success Through Meditation

Many of your fellow writers are experiencing the benefits of meditation. Find out how to achieve your own copywriter success.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Susanna Perkins

After losing her steady job, Susanna Perkins wanted to provide for her family and achieve a dream of living abroad. Read about how she built a successful online business – from Panama.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Kyle Wagner

Celebrated writer Kyle Wagner offers a glimpse into food writing and relaxed freelance living.

Plenty of Copywriting Jobs on the Way

In just one year, Diane Samuels has a steady stream of copywriting jobs and clients who love her work.

A-Level Copywriter Returns to Bootcamp

Mike Palmer, one of the world’s top financial copywriters, reveals his secrets for multi-million dollar campaigns.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Pam Neely

Author and Internet Marketer Pam Neely talks candidly about her freedom-filled, entrepreneurial-driven writer’s life.

How Should I Choose a Niche — By Project Type or Industry?

Are you one of the many writers who struggle with choosing a niche? If so, check out this 3-minute video by Master Copywriter Nick Usborne as he explains how to niche yourself.

August Issue: Make room for the writing life you NEVER imagined…

The August Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Bootcamp BUZZ Early August 2017: Breaking Through!

Welcome to the early August issue of Bootcamp Buzz! Inside we announce the theme for the 2017 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. Click here to find out what it is.

Last Chance: You Write It, We’ll Plug It

Many copywriters also dream of writing a book, and Donna Baier Stein's program will teach you everything you need to know about publishing your novel. And, once your book is published, we'll share the success with your fellow AWAI members … So sign up now and save!!

The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Writing — and Publishing — Your First Novel

Donna Baier Stein walks you through a proven plan for going from blank page to published book. Get all the details on how you can sign up today and save!

Limited Time Invitation: Celebrated Author Ready to Help You Publish Your First Book

Donna Baier Stein wants to help you write and publish your first novel.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Holly Hanna

After becoming a mother, Holly Hanna struggled to find a way to successfully work from home. Read about the idea that gave her the flexibility and income she was looking for — and help others do the same.

Create Your Own Copywriter Success

Come to Bootcamp to get the inspiration and practical tips you need to achieve copywriter success on your terms.

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