Earlier today, we asked five of the BEST copywriters working today: What opportunities has AI created for writers?

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We promised these amazing writers
on writing, AI, and you for 2024.

Nick Usborne
Nick Usborne
Digital Copywriting
Steve Slaunwhite
Steve Slaunwhite
Top B2B Copywriter
Guillermo Rubio
Guillermo Rubio
A-List Copywriter &
Email Marketer
Russ Henneberry
Russ Henneberry
Modern Publisher
Candice Lazar
Candice Lazar
Copy Chief &
Launch Strategist

They delivered — AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

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These pros have the answers to all the questions on the minds of writers everywhere:

  • Are clients still hiring human writers?
  • How have the industry’s top writers evolved or adapted — and in what ways?
  • What are the shocking trends happening right now with AI that writers need to be aware of (or risk being left behind)?
  • How can you stay ahead of the curve and “future-proof” yourself against AI as it continues to grow and evolve?
  • And so much more…