Tommie R Blackwell

Tommie R Blackwell
Birmingham, AL

Copywriter, Researcher, Resume Writer, Grant Writer, Travel Writer, Publicist

B-to-B, Fundraising, Health, Self-Help

I was a university professor for many years before I opened my own company, Southpoint Products and developed The Brighter Baby Institute. After I put that program in place at AMI Brookwood Medical Center, I also developed Fit by Five and Infant Cues for the hospital. I left Brookwood to become the Director of Education for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and constructed the curriculum for Space Camps world wide. Soon, I was promoted to Executive Vice President with the responsibility of fund raising, grants, scholarships, and general management. In addition, I created the Spatial Technology Center using NASA technology.

I now write on a various subjects and am involved with a group that is creating a Cybersecurity "space" Camp for young adults. Because my professional experiences are varied and vast, I have a large store of information from which to write. In addition to writing short articles, including politics, I also write children's books and poetry.
Life is good!

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