William Bell

William Bell
Memphis, TN

Copywriter, SEO Expert, Desktop Marketer

B-to-B, Christian, Self-Help, Web/Internet

My writing is primarily in a conversational tone in a manner that is easily understood. My background is ministry, professional speaking, and direct sales.

-teach and build WordPress blogs, blogging for small business
-30+ years writing and speaking on Christian Eschatology
-lifelong student of personal development and self-help.
-teach and mentor young men to improve their lives through self-help resources and mentor them in the same.
-worked as a registered representative where I sold mutual funds and life insurance.
-Infopreneur/Experts coach for speakers on building confidence and creating infoproducts.

Certifications in Internet marketing, Mobile Marketing, Business listings, Score Mentor

Voice Actor project was nominated for a Black Reel Award as the “Outstanding Independent Documentary” by the Foundation for the Advancement of African-Americans in Film (FAAAF).

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