Janet Akremi

Janet Akremi
Columbia, MO

Researcher, Resume Writer, Grant Writer, Travel Writer

Health, Self-Help


I am a homebirth midwife and midwifery educator, an apitherapist (that is bee venom therapy) and natural healer. I also have a cottage food business for which I do my own marketing and promotions. And, I tutor children and adults in areas of English, science and math, especially English as a foreign language. I have been a home school teacher for decades.
As a result of all this, I write!
I write lesson plans, articles, blog posts, grants, resumes, instructions, letters, research summaries...
I am a retired family and emergency physician, and moving into writing as an occupation on its own merit rather than a necessity for all of the other occupations is such a pleasure!

There will be more to come as I get this.

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