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Make Google’s Job Easier: Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed

Nobody will see your blog unless you do a few key things to get your blog noticed. These eight tips will make your blog more easily found by search engines

A Low-Stress Approach to Link Building

If you want a website to start climbing in the search engine rankings, then it’s essential you have backlinks. Low-key link building can help.

Know These Top SEO Tips If You’re Looking to Land Content Writing Jobs

Looking to land content writing jobs? Follow these four tips and up your chances of getting hired.

Interview with Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin on Her Fast-Paced Life as an SEO Writer: Discover Why This Nonconformist Writer’s-Niche Brings Constant Gratification

Looking for Fantastic SEO People to Hire (SEO Writing Jobs are HUGE)

Copywriters who know how to write good content and optimize it for the search engines (SEO) are in huge demand. Learn how you can get hired right away.

1 of Every 2 Web Content Writing Jobs Now Requires SEO Skills

Looking to land more content writing jobs? According to Heather Lloyd-Martin, you’ll want to learn how to properly optimize copy for search engines too.

3 Seriously Spectacular Reasons to Offer SEO Copywriting to All Your Clients

Pam Foster has 3 great reasons why you should be offering SEO copywriting to all of your clients. And through midnight tonight, August 26th, you can still get AWAI's SEO Copywriting Program for $100 off!

Last Call: Save $100 on SEO Copywriting Success

SEO Copywriting is the skill you need to maximize your client-getting potential and drive traffic to your copy. And if you sign up before August 26th at midnight ET you can save $100 and get 3 free bonuses.

Learn How To Increase Your Value and Get More Clients From the “Pioneer of SEO Copywriting”

Search Engine Optimization is the way to increase your business as a freelance writer. And the "pioneer of SEO Copywriting" - Heather Lloyd-Martin is here to teach you all about it. Find out now how to save $100 on her new program for AWAI.

Do you have this writing skill? (Companies are looking for you!)

Learn more about the writing skill businesses in every niche are so desperate for and the top fees they are willing to pay. Don't miss out on this huge writing opportunity!

It’s Back! And it’s My Top Pick for Writers…

The search engine optimizing trend is back and growing! And for a limited time you can save $100 on Heather Lloyd-Martin's program. Get all the details here.

Turn Your B2C SEO Knowledge into B2B Clients

Making the transition from a B2C niche to B2B copywriting isn’t difficult, especially with these tips for leveraging your SEO knowledge.

3 Tips for Effective B2B SEO Research

Doing SEO research for B2B companies can be tricky. Asking these three questions will help you find the right keywords and keyphrases.

How to Eliminate Low-Quality Backlinks and Boost Website Rank

All links to your site aren’t helpful. Here’s how to eliminate backlinks that harm search results and what to do if you can’t get them removed.

The Top 8 Criteria for a High-Quality Backlink

Getting backlinks to your website isn’t enough for effective SEO — they must be good ones. Here are 8 criteria to check when getting backlinks.

Using Long-Tail Keywords to Boost Your Traffic

70 percent of keyword searches use long-tail key phrase. Learn how you can use long-tail keywords to increase your website traffic.

Optimizing headlines for search engines and social media

Writing good headlines is crucial for attracting effective SEO. Headlines are also important for getting your content shared in social media.

Free Teleconference with SEO Copywriting Pioneer, Heather Lloyd Martin

Read on to learn how to listen to a free teleconference with SEO copywriting pioneer Heather Lloyd Martin and learn about the newest trends in the SEO world.

5 Ways to Position Yourself as an SEO Expert

Jen Phillips April shares 5 strategies you can use to position yourself as an SEO expert.

A Quick-Start SEO How-To Guide for Web Writers

Today Jen Phillips April tackles SEO basics, to get you started with a solid foundation, and enable you to start attracting free traffic from search engines from your clients and your web-writing website.

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