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Freelance Copywriting Clients?

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There are only 2 things you need to succeed today as a freelance copywriter.

The first is: you have to know how to write really strong copy.

That's where you, as an AWAI member, have a significant edge over all the other copywriters out there.

So congratulations!

The second thing you need to succeed as a freelance copywriter is knowledge of how to market and promote your freelance copywriting services – so you can go out there and get the business.

Most writers I meet are introverts, so the thought of "selling" themselves is highly unappealing and often the cause of great anxiety.

Fortunately, there are a variety of low-key marketing and promotion techniques you can use to get clients without sounding or acting like a used car salesman!

And I’m going to not only teach what they are, I’m also going to show you how to use them AND help you put together your own self-marketing plan through AWAI's new "Get Clients in 30 Days Challenge."

That’s right … you can be well on your way to landing the clients you need to successfully launch (or grow) your freelance business in just 30 days.

Forget those New Years resolutions …

Let’s get you the clients you want and need NOW.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you want clients in 30 days, then keep reading …

We've invited half a dozen of the top specialists in self-promotion — everything from Facebook and direct mail to networking and public speaking — to share their proven techniques for getting visible, getting noticed, and getting business.

These are all copywriters and marketing consultants earning comfortable six-figure incomes. And, they are all expert at one or more particular type of self-promotion. Together, they will give you a total education on how to successfully market yourself as a freelance copywriter.

All you’ll have to do is listen to 6 one-hour sessions, follow the 30-day roadmap I’ve put together for you, and by the end of the month, you'll have a complete plan for landing clients to make this year your busiest and best year ever!

There’s no need to overcomplicate things here so I’m not going to go on and on about this … it really is that easy.

You follow my 30-day roadmap, you listen to the sessions, and you do the work as instructed by my expert guests. What could be easier?

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Here's a preview of what's in store for you (and don't worry, I'll personally be with you every step of the way to make sure you're getting everything you need) …

Getting Clients Session #1:
Selling Yourself in the Great Recession
With Bob Bly and Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell is one of today's young superstars in the copywriting field, having cracked the $100,000 mark his very first year in business. He has since gone on to mentor a whole new generation of young writers in how to be more successful as copywriters.

As a young man, Joshua Boswell landed a job working for a nationally-known public speaker. Starting out as office help, Joshua quickly found his way to being Mr. Ledbetter's right-hand man. It was not long before he, too, found a passion for speaking, training, and improving other people's lives.

After four years of traveling around the country giving seminars, Joshua started a technology company designing custom database-driven websites. With a focus on working with nonprofit organizations, the technology company quickly became involved in a number of fundraising efforts.

Since then, Joshua has helped earn millions of dollars for nonprofit, political, and for-profit organizations alike through powerful direct mail packages, email campaigns, websites, brochures, and events. Clients include Sony, Toshiba, St. Jude's, B&B Electronics, Corel, GM, Microsoft, and many others. In addition, he's the proud (and busy) father of nine children.

Joshua currently works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in direct response and marketing consulting. He is also a specialist in the creation of e-books, DVDs, audio CDs, e-classes, and other information products.

In this session, Joshua and I discuss specifically how to navigate the current economic crisis and maintain – or even increase – your copywriting income. You'll discover:

  • How to reach out to a prospect who won't return your phone calls.
  • Make sure your fees are what your clients can afford.
  • How to get a stalled sale moving again.
  • Market your copywriting services with content.
  • Choosing a profitable copywriting niche.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Keeping up with new copywriting "technology" – must you know everything?
  • How prospects shop for copywriting services today.
  • Writing for the Internet – which assignments pay best?
  • Should you position yourself as a copywriter or a consultant?
  • And more …

Getting Clients Session #2:
Selling Yourself with Direct Mail
With Ed Gandia and Bob Bly

Ed Gandia is another copywriting prodigy. A former computer salesman, he made over $100,000 in his very first year as a freelance copywriter and has continued to earn an annual six-figure salary ever since.

Prior to launching his freelance copywriting business, Ed was a senior account executive at Constructware, a construction software company. During his five years at Constructware, Ed implemented a marketing and sales strategy that helped boost sales by more than 500 percent.

Previously, he was an account executive with CompuCom Systems, an IT-managed services provider, and held sales positions with Ferguson Enterprises.

Ed holds a BA in Finance from the University of South Florida and is a graduate of AWAI. Copywriting clients include Autodesk, Aldata Solutions, Demand Management, Servigistics, ToolWatch, Invistics, TechDiscovery, and Interactive Softworks.

Don't believe the new age marketing gurus who tell you direct mail is dead! Ed is a heavy user of direct mail, both to promote his own copywriting services as well as his clients' products, both with great success. In this session, Ed will share with you his proven formula for generating leads for freelance copywriting services with direct mail, including:

  • How to rent the right mailing lists.
  • How to create an irresistible offer.
  • Should you offer a free report or white paper?
  • Must you personalize the sales letter?
  • What format works best – a letter in a #10 envelope or a self-mailer?
  • How to write maximum response copy for your sales letter.
  • Do you need a business reply card?
  • What other inserts should you mail with your letter?
  • Do you need to offer a response form on the Web?
  • What kind of response rate can I expect?
  • How many of the leads will turn into clients?
  • What to do if a mailing bombs.

Getting Clients Session #3:
Selling Yourself through Speaking and Writing
With Herschell Gordon Lewis and Bob Bly

With more than four decades of experience as a freelance direct-response copywriter, Herschell Gordon Lewis has earned the status of Grandmaster Copywriter.

In this session, Herschell will show us how he built a thriving six-figure copywriting practice through public speaking and writing. His website states: "Nobody has written more books. Nobody has written more articles. As a communicator in the sophisticated world of direct marketing, Herschell Gordon Lewis is without peer." His more than 20 books include How to Make Your Advertising Twice as Effective at Half the Cost (Bonus Books) and Herschell Gordon Lewis on the Art of Writing Copy (Racom/DMA).

Herschell has spoken at direct marketing events worldwide, and his articles have appeared in the pages of just about every direct-response magazine worth reading. How does this dynamo of the printed and spoken word get published and get speaking engagements? You will discover:

  • Why every copywriter should be writing articles.
  • Choosing the right topic for your article.
  • Ideal word length for trade journal articles.
  • Best places to publish your articles for maximum exposure.
  • Does writing articles for the Web pay off?
  • How to approach editors and ask them to publish your articles.
  • How freelance copywriters are compensated for writing articles.
  • Tricks and tips for writing effective how-to articles.
  • Maintaining rights to the articles you write and publish.
  • Give talks without travel with tele-seminars and webinars.
  • How to get asked to give a talk.
  • Do you have to be "famous" to get asked to give a speech at a conference?
  • Must you use PowerPoint in your presentations?
  • How to write an effective speech.
  • Using humor, warmth, and personality to engage the audience.
  • Ideal length for a luncheon or dinner talk.
  • Should you read your speech word-for-word or just speak from notes?
  • How to handle a heckler or other interrupting individual.
  • How to conduct a smooth Question & Answer period.

Getting Clients Session #4:
Selling Yourself through a Website
With Nick Usborne and Bob Bly

Nick Usborne is the author of Net Words, the definitive guide to writing for the Internet. He is also an experienced direct marketer who has written copy for many prestigious clients including Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Diners Club International, J. Paul Getty Trust, MSN.com, Technogym, Encyclopedia Britannica, The New York Times, Country Financial, Adorama, Reuters, WebEx, and others.

Nick's current area of expertise is writing and designing websites that achieve their marketing goals and make a lot of money for their owners. In this session, Nick will reveal how to build a website for your freelance copywriting practice that engages potential clients, generates leads, and makes visitors predisposed to hire you. We'll cover:

  • Does every freelance copywriter need a website?
  • How to choose a domain name.
  • How to arrange hosting for your website.
  • What major pages belong on your copywriting website?
  • How to create an online portfolio of your work.
  • How to create an online client list and testimonial page when you don't have a lot of clients and testimonials.
  • How to build a large and profitable e-list on your website.
  • How to write and design an effective marketing e-zine.
  • How to generate inquiries and leads from your website.
  • How to increase traffic to your website 3,500% with social media.
  • Using Pay-Per-Click to generate traffic – does it pay?
  • How to find an HTML designer to produce your website and what it should cost.
  • How to find the right keywords.
  • How to optimize your website for search engines.
  • How to take payments on your website if you so choose.
  • And more …

Getting Clients Session #5:
Selling Yourself through Social Media and Blogging
With Michael Stelzner and Bob Bly

Michael Stelzner became famous as a copywriter – twice. The first time, he positioned himself as the premier expert in writing white papers, authoring the definitive book on the subject, Writing White Papers. He has written more than 130 white papers for many of the world's most recognized companies, including Microsoft, Dow Jones, FedEx, Motorola, Monster, Hewlett-Packard, and SAP.

The second time Michael became famous was when he repositioned himself as a guru in social media and blogging. He is the founder of the Social Media Success Summit, the largest social networking online conference in the world, and of The Social Media Examiner, the largest-circulation e-newsletter dedicated to social networking.

In this session, he will show us how to use both social networks and blogs to achieve fame and fortune as a freelance copywriter, including:

  • Does every freelance copywriter need a blog?
  • How to design and launch your blog.
  • What to write about on your blog.
  • Ideal length for blog posts.
  • How often must you post?
  • Is social networking an enormous waste of time or a revolution in how businesses communicate with prospects and customers?
  • How to use Twitter to tweet your way to fame and fortune.
  • Is MySpace a waste of time for promoting your business?
  • How to build your Wall on Facebook.
  • How to get lots of fans and followers.
  • Your daily social networking routine.
  • Making high-level contacts with LinkedIn.
  • Other social media sites you should know about.
  • How writers are using social networking to market themselves and their works.
  • Can you make money as a social networking consultant or ghost blogger?

Getting Clients Session #6:
Selling Yourself through Networking
With Ilise Benun and Bob Bly

Ilise Benun is a national speaker, founder of Marketing Mentor and, with HOW Magazine, of the Creative Freelancer Conference. She coaches creative professionals who are serious about growing their business and she is the author of several books for creative professionals, includingThe Designer's Guide to Marketing and Pricing, and the forthcoming The Creative Professional's Guide to Money: How to Think About It, How to Talk About It, and How to Manage It (HOW Books, 2011).

In this session, Ilise will talk about how to make contacts, meet potential clients, and build relationships through good old-fashioned networking – what some people call "pressing the flesh." You will discover:

  • How to network even if you are an introvert.
  • Painless ways of networking that limit the amount of time you need to spend actually talking to people.
  • Where to find low-key, low-pressure opportunities to meet prospects in your target market.
  • How to find the right networking events to attend.
  • Why you should hang out at the buffet table during networking events whether you are hungry or not.
  • The guiding principle of in-person networking.
  • How to break the ice at events – with your name tag.
  • How to get the conversation started.
  • How to join groups that other people have already formed.
  • How to collect business cards and what to write on the backs.
  • How aggressively should you give away your business card?
  • Building a profitable relationship with networking contacts over time.
  • When to ask for a referral or business.
  • How to tell someone what you do in 10 words or less.
  • The magical power of the old-fashioned thank-you note.
  • Using email to stay more connected and get more work than you can handle.

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You'll get tips on direct mail … speaking and writing … self-promotion … websites … social media … blogging … networking … and more – advice that can be worth thousands of dollars in additional business for you. Even one good idea from just one of the tele-seminars can pay the entire cost of the series 10 times over or more. In fact, we guarantee it – or your money back.

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The marketplace out there has changed significantly in the past few years. Let me show you how to make it work for you.

To succeed, you need more than just good copywriting skills. You need to know how to promote yourself and your business. In AWAI's "Get Clients in 30 Days Challenge,” that's precisely what you'll learn.

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