James Bradley

James Bradley
Burlington, CO

Copywriter, Researcher, Social Media Expert, SEO Expert, Travel Writer

Catalog, Financial, Self-Help, Web/Internet

Who Am I?

Don't you recognize me? I am "You"... The Marketing Manager, The CEO, The Staff, and the Editor. I see your goals, your dreams, your voice, with your vision. I want what you want... Behind the Keyboard, I am "You"...The Client. One Goal, One Voice, and One Understanding.

In Your Content?

The Audience, The Doubter, The Buyer... I see the content for what it is... I am the question. I am inspired and rejected by the words that make sentences in "Your" content. I am "Them."

I am a Copywriter.

Am I ever "Me?"

Of course, but only in my free time.

Since we have already established that I am "You." I am a little concerned with what we are missing in our Content.

Since we have already established that I am "Them." I want to be inspired.

We have discovered that I am "Me" from time to time. I am here to help.

Jay Bradley
UnScripted Freelance

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