Susan Baracco

Susan Baracco
Portland, ME


B-to-B, Web/Internet

I help companies increase their profits, improve customer trust, and grow the business without increasing overhead. I do this through effective, persuasive communication. My writing and strategy have helped many companies like yours reach their goals.

I can help if you need:

A copywriter who understands the challenges of selling a service: engaging a prospect, establishing credibility and building trust

A copywriting resource that operates as an extension of your marketing team, understands business and provides business strategy insights -more than just 'another copywriter"

A copywriting resource that is reliable, professional and diva-free making your work process less stressful

A single source of professional copywriting to handle your rapidly expanding list of client-facing communication and lead generation needs

Client-facing communication includes lead generation copy, email campaigns, blogs, newsletters, industry article publications, marketing collateral, web content and website refresh, sales landing pages, client success stories, white papers and more

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