George L. Battle

George L. Battle
Grand Praire, TX



I have two Bachelors Arts degree, in Theology and Sociology, plus a Certificate of Theology, all from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska.

I was called to preach in December 1973, and was confirm, Ordain Minister of the Baptist Denomination, in May 1978 at the Zion Baptist Church, Omaha Nebraska.

I was Married to one Dollie Johnson- Battle on August 1973, to whom I bore two biological children, George III, born March 1980, and Yolonda born July 1983. I also have two adoptive children, Aretha born September 1991, and Narcus born October 1992.

I Pastor a Baptist Church for 8 years, while also working for the Forth Texas School district for 16 years as a Crisis Counselor. I started the first Boys Varsity Soccer team which I coach for 16 years, as well as help in the establishment of a Girls varsity soccer team for the same school that I was the coach of the Varsity Boys Soccer team.

What I enjoy most in life is being a husband and a father.

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