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A Handy Site Audit Checklist for SEO and Content Writing that Works — And Leads to More Projects

A paid website audit is a gateway to new writing projects. Use this checklist to identify weaknesses on your client’s website. Then, get paid to fix them.

A Perfectly Scripted Conversation for Your Role as a Highly Paid Web Content Detective

You can follow this script from Pam Foster to land both a Site Audit project and more paid work afterward. She walks you through how it works here.

Get Paid $2,500 for Writing a Proposal… And Open the Door to Endless Moneymaking Opportunities with Clients

Get paid to write a proposal?! Pam Foster shows you how to do it… and then get paid again to do the writing work too.

A Freelance Writing Client Just Found Your Website — Now What?

New copywriters often freeze when a potential client reaches out. Pam Foster explains how you handle the inquiry, and turn a prospect into a paying client.

These Three Things Will Get You More Paid Copywriting Projects

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been chugging along but not making major strides in your career, one choice can help you land more projects.

How I Got My Boss to Pay for My Copywriting Training and Writer’s Life

Dreaming of the writer’s life? Get your boss to pay for your training! And become a more valuable asset to your company at the same time.

Know These Top SEO Tips If You’re Looking to Land Content Writing Jobs

Looking to land content writing jobs? Follow these four tips and up your chances of getting hired.

Looking for Fantastic SEO People to Hire (SEO Writing Jobs are HUGE)

Copywriters who know how to write good content and optimize it for the search engines (SEO) are in huge demand. Learn how you can get hired right away.

3 Crucial Steps for Getting Traffic to Your Copywriting Website

With Google cluttered with websites related to writing, how do you get traffic to your freelance website? Here are three secrets to bring clients to you.

Unlock the Deeper Mysteries of Your Freelance Writing Client’s Mindset

A major trend has surfaced on job boards that adds deep insight into the mindset of potential copywriting clients. What is it? Pam Foster reveals all.

Get Inside the Mindset of 5 Types of Freelance Writing Clients

The “1st Commandment” of copywriting is “know your prospect.” This is every bit as crucial when your prospect is a freelance writing client.

35 Hot Niche Industries for Web Content Writing Jobs in 2017

It pays to focus your web-copywriting services on a particular niche industry. Check out 35 trending industries where you can look for content writing jobs

3 Ways a Niche Helps You Land More Copywriter or Content-Writer Jobs

You can make a lot more money and land more paying copywriting jobs on a regular basis if you pick a niche instead of being a generalist.

Freelance Writer Jobs Are On The Top-Paying Work-At-Home List for 2016

AWAI reveals rates for a variety of freelance writer jobs, one of the “10 Top-Paying Work-At-Home Jobs in America,” according to

Copywriting Success Includes What You Know AND Who You Know

When you're part of a solid group of fellow copywriters, you have an entire family behind you, including seasoned pros and newer copywriters. This is the best way to accelerate your writing career.

Six Degrees and Why They're Critical for Copywriting Success

86-year-old theory could be the key to boosting your copywriting career and it’s one of the simplest and easiest methods you can put to use

What Really Happens When You Have a Personal Copywriting Advisor?

Accelerate your progress and boost your confidence and abilities using most powerful weapon available: copy advisor and mentor.

The People Behind the 5 Phases of Your Copywriting Success

These five phases help round out your copywriting skills and put you on the path to becoming a six-figure writer

The Copywriting Peer-Power Group That Started in a Hot Tub

A team or peer approach accelerates your learning curve, helps avoid mistakes, and provides constant source of encouragement. It’s considered best way to become a professional writer.

Start With This “B” When Writing Winning B2B Catalog Copy

What's the key to B2B catalog copywriting? Pam Foster explains that the big "B" should be your starting point for both B2B and B2C catalog copy.

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Use This Expert “Cheat Sheet” to Wow Clients, and Get Paid TWICE!