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Success Mindset: Why NOT Setting Goals Can Mean More Success

Most of us set goals as a way of measuring and obtaining success. Imagine visualizing your goal this year - as something you've already achieved, or in the process of achieving - rather than something not yet attained. Find out what Michele Peterson has to say about NOT setting goals in 2018.

Biggest Copywriting Myths Revealed, Part 2

Three myths may be creating roadblocks on your path to copywriting success, but they may not be true. Learn how to get past anything holding you back.

Video: Will You Become a Well-Paid Web Copy Specialist This Year?

Be one of the writers who becomes a well-paid Web Copy Specialist in just three days! Check out a special video message from Rebecca for all the details on this exciting event - and sign up today, while there are still spots available.

Find Copywriting Jobs with this Online Resource

With Wealthy Web Writer you can learn techniques to strengthen your copy skills and land copywriting jobs.

Last Chance: Become a Verified Professional Writer – Access Shutting Down at Midnight!

With this new program, you can start earning more as a professional writer. But hurry ... registration is closing at midnight tonight - get more details and become verified today!

Biggest Copywriting Myths Revealed, Part 1

Copywriting offers the opportunity to get paid to do what you love and enjoy a great lifestyle. But some myths hold writers back. Here’s one debunked.

The Fastest Way to Live The Writer’s Life in 2018

Start 2018 off right ... by becoming an in-demand copywriter! Sign up for this LIVE training event and be on your way to the writer's life in just ten weeks. But hurry - this only happens once a year and spaces are filling up fast!

The Power of Combined Experience

To grow your copywriting business faster, there are three types of people you’ll need in your circle. Learn the roles and how they can help you succeed.

Emotional Trigger Words to Use in Sales Copy

Your sales copy has to connect with your reader on an emotional level which is why you need a list of emotional trigger words to pick from.

Video Interview: Brian Edmondson on Website, Traffic, List-Building, and Conversions

Heather Robson, Wealthy Web Writer's Managing Editor interviewed Brian Edmondson about what it takes to build a successful website business. You can read more about it and watch a video of Brian's interview here.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Ask Us Anything About Your Copywriting Career

What do YOU need to achieve your copywriting career goals this year? More clients? Enhanced skills? Business advice? Join Inside AWAI for answers.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This will change the way clients hire new writers

How do you let potential clients know you have the skills they're looking for? Check out this video message from Rebecca about our new program that will give you the skills and confidence for your copywriting success. But don't wait too long - availability is limited and so is your chance to save!

Get Copywriting Jobs with a Professional Portfolio

Get expert help in putting together a top-notch copy portfolio that will land you copywriting jobs.

Two Ways a Copywriter Can Get a Competitive Advantage

Give yourself a competitive advantage by learning all the crucial copywriting projects marketers need done these days. You’ll easily land more clients.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Mark Ford

Mark Ford shares insider advice on how to launch a lucrative writing career

How to Get on Retainer with Copywriting Clients

When you get on retainer with your copywriting clients, you have a steady income as a freelancer. Here’s how to set them up to benefit you and your client.

Why You Don’t Need Confidence to Get Your First Client

Confidence is overrated — here’s what you need instead. These 2 attributes will help you build up confidence in your ability to be a successful copywriter.

Go After the Best Copywriting Jobs Armed with These Key Skills

Set yourself apart from other copywriters — and land top copywriting jobs — by mastering these 8 projects vital to any marketing campaign.

The Genius of “AND”: An Easy Way to Grow Your Worth with Freelance Writing Clients

You can grow your freelance writing business by using this one “genius” technique. You’ll multiply the number of projects you get AND the money you make.

Do You Have a Vision Beyond Your Goals?

Goal-setting is essential to achieving what you want from life. But before you set goals there’s an important step to take. Defining your vision.

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