October 2017

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Last Chance: Make Thousands Reviewing Website Content

Get all of Pam Foster's proven techniques, strategies, checklists and tools to take your copywriting success to the next level...but hurry, today is your last chance to save $200 - get all the details and sign up now, before it's too late!

How You Can Use Site Audits As a Key to Winning Long-Term Clients

Site audits are easy to complete and highly valued by clients. Plus, these lucrative projects are the perfect path to new long-term writing relationships.

A Handy Site Audit Checklist for SEO and Content Writing that Works — And Leads to More Projects

A paid website audit is a gateway to new writing projects. Use this checklist to identify weaknesses on your client’s website. Then, get paid to fix them.

Make Google’s Job Easier: Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed

Nobody will see your blog unless you do a few key things to get your blog noticed. These eight tips will make your blog more easily found by search engines

The Ideal First Copywriting Job

When you do a site audit for a client it can lead to not just your first copywriting job but a whole host of writing opportunities.

One Site Audit Turns into $8,000 Worth of Work for this AWAI Member

Offering site audits is a great way for web copywriters to apply their skills while bringing in additional income. Find out how this member turned one project into $8,000.

A Perfectly Scripted Conversation for Your Role as a Highly Paid Web Content Detective

You can follow this script from Pam Foster to land both a Site Audit project and more paid work afterward. She walks you through how it works here.

Livestream Bootcamp 2017: Joshua Boswell

Check out what Christian Copywriter and Expert Writing Coach Joshua Boswell will be covering on Day 3 of the copywriting event of the year - and how you can watch it all as it takes place in realtime with the click of a button, on your phone, tablet, or computer – from anywhere in the world.

Get Paid BEFORE You Write

Reviewing web sites is a great way to make yourself even more valuable to your copywriting clients. And Site Audits Made Simple has all the techniques, strategies, checklists and tools you need to take you to that next level AND ensure you're getting paid what you should for services. Click here to get started today and save!

Launch Your Freelance Writing Career as a Website Content Auditor

You can get more paying clients by helping owners get the most out of the content on their website using your newfound website content auditing skills.

Get Paid $2,500 for Writing a Proposal… And Open the Door to Endless Moneymaking Opportunities with Clients

Get paid to write a proposal?! Pam Foster shows you how to do it… and then get paid again to do the writing work too.

Take on Fun and Easy Freelance Projects in the Growing World of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a valuable marketing tool used by businesses around the world. And companies need qualified writers like you to create effective campaigns.

Last Chance: Save $300 And Become a Social Media Marketing Expert Today!

Boost your freelance writing income as a Social Media Marketing Expert AND save $300 on an ever improving program to give you all the skills you need to make it happen - get all the details here, and sign up today ... before it's too late!

Empty Nester Turned Copywriter Finds Client on Facebook and Lands Full-Time Copywriting Job She Loves

After her children left home, Lisa Burger wanted to keep busy and make some extra income. With her new copywriting job she’s done that and then some.

FLASH SALE – Save 60% Today!

The skill of Social Media is a great enhancement to your success as a freelancer. And right now is a great time to try our Social Media Marketing Expert Program ... we're making it even better AND offering it at a discount you'll never see again - get all the details and sign up today!

Only Hours Remain… Get This Before it’s Gone

Publishing and selling e-books is a great source of passive income for your freelance writing career. And legendary copywriter Bob Bly can show you everything you need to know to get started ... but don't want too long the chance to save on his program ends tonight - get all the details and sign up here!

Last Chance: Let Me Help You!

Build and launch your professional website, and be ready to show it to clients in just four days - Rebecca is here to help, but time is running out ... get all the exciting details on how to save, and sign up today!

A Freelance Writing Client Just Found Your Website — Now What?

New copywriters often freeze when a potential client reaches out. Pam Foster explains how you handle the inquiry, and turn a prospect into a paying client.

Copywriters: Last Chance to Break Through to Success THIS MONTH

It's your last chance to break through to copywriting success! Check out our final issue of Bootcamp Buzz and your shot at becoming a well-paid copywriter.

Land copywriting jobs thanks to your freelance website.

When you have a professional website promoting your writing business, you’ll attract higher-paying freelance copywriting jobs.

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Use This Expert “Cheat Sheet” to Wow Clients, and Get Paid TWICE!